half.com or amazon.com price alerts

If there is an item I’m interested in on these sites and I want to wait to buy a used one until the price drops below $X is there a website or something where I can link to the product I want, add the price and my email and anytime someone posts an item for that price or less I am given an email notification?

Well, I’m told that if you put an item in your AMazon cart and “save for later” you will get an alert when the price drops. Not when it drops to a price you want to pay, and not any other version of that item (like from another seller)…but if you can’t find anything else, that might be helpful.

keepa.com has the functionality you are looking for. Other Amazon price trackers may have the ability as well.

camelcamelcamel.com will send you amazon alerts.

It’s also cool because it will give you a price history for any item on amazon.

I use camelcamelcamel as well.