Half-Life 2 gone gold?

Looks like it may finally be time to buy a new video card.

Do you know the minimum specs? I promised to help my younger brother look for a new computer next month and I know he really really wants this game, so I’d like to keep them in mind. (I know that anything he can afford will need a new video card to go with it)

I have heard that the minimum specs are insanely low. Something like 600 Mhz for the processor.

Whatever you get should be fine.

From here which is quoting the boss of Valve software.

Gamespot is reporting that the gold announcement was a hoax. Supposedly, Gabe Newell’s account password at the forum in question was set simply as “gaben,” allowing someone to easily post under his name. Apparently security continues to be priority #1 at Valve.

Is there a set release date for this game yet? The Sims 2 release date was given my Maxis late May and it only went gold last week. That article made it seem like there’s no date yet, so it wouldn’t go gold before then, would it?

What does ‘Going Gold’ mean?

It simply means the game is complete, finalised, and ready for mass production.

I belive that it refers to the old method for making records, where there would be a master copy set in gold that all other records would be cast from.