Halfway through 2003--Best Movies so far this year?

So, we’re halfway through the year–what are the best movies you’ve seen that had their general release in 2003? My Top 10 thus far:

  1. All the Real Girls
  2. Marooned in Iraq
  3. Russian Ark
  4. Gerry
  5. Holes
  6. The Man on the Train
  7. Down With Love
  8. Raising Victor Vargas
  9. Winged Migration
  10. Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary
    Honorable Mention: A Mighty Wind

There are only a few films I really wish I’d seen this year that I’ve missed thus far (The Son and Better Luck Tomorrow are at the top of the list), and I’ve seen most of the major summer releases but didn’t bother with several other Big Movies (Anger Management, Bruce Almighty, Daredevil) I knew I probably wouldn’t like. So, what have you seen that’s stood out this year for you thus far?

  1. Matrix Reloaded

  2. X2

I did see Two Towers one time this year, but it came out last year. It surpassed both of those movies.

Everything else has been less than perfect. Actually, only Matrix Reloaded fulfilled expectations in my mind. Hulk was good, but flawed.

I tend to doubt either T3 or LXG will meet expectations. This year is a let down overall so far. Then again, we still have Revolutions and Return of the King.

X Men 2
Matrix Reloaded
Finding Nemo
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Tears of the Sun

I would nominate 28 Days Later as a truly exceptional genre film. We know it isn’t going to get recognition from traditional awards shows, but it is an excellent film in its genre. I haven’t seen Better Luck Tomorrow either, but I can’t wait until it comes out on video.

Well, its gotta be the Matrix Reloaded, yo! Saw it the day it came out like a lil nerd, and it really did surpass everything else

X-Men 2
Matrix Reloaded
28 Days Later

Finding Nemo

I enjoyed a lot of other films (including The Hulk), but those two stood out, the former as the most sublimely entertaining popcorn flick in ages, and the latter… well, let’s just say that it’s vying with Toy Story for “#1 Pixar Movie” in my mind.

Finding Nemo. My favorite bit, the seagulls. That’s just the way I picture them. Plus, I’ve been calling them, " Flying Rats ", since the great Cedar Point Disaster of 1983.

Finding Nemo.

I don’t need anything else. :wink:

X2 is the best movie I’ve seen this year so far that came out this year.

I haven’t gotten around to seeing Finding Nemo yet, but I definitely will. Don’t want to pass up on a Pixar movie :slight_smile:

I was actually really disappointed with The Matrix Reloaded. It wasn’t nearly as good as the first movie, and it failed to meet almost all of my expectations.

Of course, I’m getting more excited as each day passes while waiting for The Return of the King to come out :smiley:

I haven’t seen very many movies at all this year, so X2 wins by default. Haven’t seen Finding Nemo yet though, so I might change my mind.

Apparentily, I’m the first hillbilly to wander into this thread who not only hasn’t seen ANY of the movies listed in the OP, but who hasn’t even heard of 60% of them.

The best?

Winged Migration
Better Luck Tomorrow
Finding Nemo
Down With Love

Honorable Mentions:
28 Days Later
The Hulk
The Eye

My thoughts exactly! That’s the only movie I’ve seen on the big screen this year (yes, I do need to get out more) Thank God my mother took them to see the Rugrats movie. I don’t think I could have sat through that without experiencing severe brain damage.

Nemo rocks…and now we’ll just wait for the The Untouchables, which premieres in late 2004. :frowning:

I’ve only seen three new-release movies this year. So:

  1. Finding Nemo
  2. X-Men 2
  3. Matrix Reloaded

Ok i think i just surpassed you. I must confess i haven’t even heard of ANY one of the movies in the OP.

The best this year?

X2 easily. Matrix comes a distant second (i was disappointed with it too). That said, i am looking foward to watching Nemo and probably will watch Charlie’s Angels.

How about “Bend it like Beckham”. Though I’m usually more in the Matrix/XMen/LotR crowd, I thought it was wonderful.

I’ve seen 43 movies so far this year, and the ten below were the best of the feature-length ones:

  1. *Rabbit-Proof Fence
  2. *City of God
  3. Russian Ark
  4. Ararat
  5. Spider
  6. Bend It Like Beckham
  7. X2: X-Men United
  8. Spellbound
  9. Whale Rider
  10. Capturing the Friedmans

That list is not ranked. If I were to rank them City of God would easily be number 1, followed closely by Spellbound.

I can’t remember when I’ve seen a better film than City of God. It’s truly superior.

28 Days Later
Matrix Reloaded
Finding Nemo
Down With Love

Don’t think anything will come close to topping X2 for me until Return of the King. Of course, there is Freddy Vs. Jason…

Finding Nemo - we’re going back to see it again tonite!
A Mighty Wind - a movie that just kept us happy all the way through.

I’m expecting Return of the King and possibly Pirates of the Carribean to make that list, but I’ll have to wait. We’ll probably se T3 soon, but it’ll just be eye candy, not a great movie.

I’ve only seen 4 movies this year but the best was definitely X-Men2, followed by 2 Fast 2 Furious (stupid, but fun anyway).

Bruce Almightly was OK but the Matrix: Reloaded was a pile of horse manure. I’ve never, ever walked out of a movie theatre but I was so bored by Matrix 2 that I almost got up and left.