Halloween costume advice for an Astronaut.

My son wants to be an astronaut for Halloween.

I have gray sweats for the suit, and 2- two liter bottles duct taped and wired together for an oxygen pack (NASA on it too, it’s spiffy.)

But, frankly, I’m a little stymied on the helmut.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Motor bike helmets.

Welding shields

football helmet
Plastic bag with a rubber band ( Little Johnny Space Man)
Warning! May cause suffocation and death

I have an old motorcycle helmet that I plumb forgot about…thanks NCB :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m dressing my kid in a black sweatsuit, with black socks, gloves, and sneakers. Also, a black stocking cap, black makeup, and dark sunglasses.

Little Johnny Invisible Pedestrian™
I know what you’re sayin’ right now, “Ain’t that dangerous for the kids? What with people in cars not being able to see them?”

Well, hey! Kids are smart nowadays. They know to get out of the way of cars. Come on! They can see them coming. Unless they’re blind.

And, that’s why the package has a warning lable on it, in big letters:


Have you looked into a big plastic goldfish bowl?

For extra fun, you could coat the inside of it with pasta sauce and have him tell people he had a depressurization incident. :wink:

Cervaise, that’s really, really sick.

i love that in a Halloween idea. >> kisses <<

Don’t forget big gloves and boots.

And make his candy bag say something like ‘Lunar Samples’.

Never tried this, but they usually sell big plastic witch’s cauldrons rather cheap. Seems like you could turn it over, cut a part of it out for the face and wrap it in tinfoil.

I think my kid’s going as Johnny Human Torch…

Remember, the thicker you spread on the Sterno, the longer he can extort candy!

There’s this (quite convincing-looking) NASA astronaut helmet that’s made of cloth that I found at Imaginarium a whike back. It’s way cool. If you don’t have the time to make your own, this might be what you’re looking for. It fits adults.

Oh man, Halloween is in just over a month! I gotta go get a costume!

It sounds like you’re all ready to go, Shirley, but I thought I’d still share my first impulse: I’m sure those silver dryer vent tubes could be incorporated here somehow!

And, it’s nice to see another mom who creates costumes. I don’t sew, but I always rig the kids up with something that turns out way cooler than buying some cheesy off-the-rack-everyone-else-has-one-too crap.

Western dog! Why not dress little comrade as hero of Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin! .

Lots of fun with USSR patches

easy to do and they got to space first!
Angry Red menace smiley::mad: