Help with Halloween costume!

I’m trying to come up with a Halloween costume but am having a hard time. What are some of the better costumes you all have seen (preferably ones that don’t cost a lot of money to make)? I’m not a fan of the typical costumes though and like to usually be something witty if not controversial. Thanks for your help…

This year, my costume is going to consist of me wearing nothing but a pair of jeans. No shirt, shoes, nothing but the jeans.

Host: What are you s’'posed to be?

Mr. Eater: Premature Ejaculation.

Host: Huh?

Mr. Eater: Yeah. I just came in my pants. :smiley:

Well, I’m going as a puppy dog. Inexpensive and fun.

Dress all in black, if you have long hair put it up in pigtails for cocker-spaniel-like ears. Wear a pair of black stretch gloves (this outfit will also work in brown, white, etc. I just happen to have black.) Paint a big spot around one eye. If you don’t have face-painting crayons or something, a cheap $0.99 eyeliner works. If you have eyeshadow that you don’t use much in a matching color, you can dust it over the paint/eyeliner spot for a velvety look. Paint on a black nose. Bark some. Folks’ll get the idea.

…andyour gender. for women, I recommend the ever=popular belly dancer outfit. It just requires a bikini and some gauze fabric. It is sure to be a winner. Don’t try this in Minneapolis, however!

Ok that’s funny. Welcome to the boards.

Well lets see, I kind of like foil , you know like the one on the Wallgreens commercial, but then again am partial to vampires.

ooh well

One year in college I was invited to a party by my then girlfriend. Being broke,I created a Dopey (the dwarf) head out of old newspaper and glue. Took an old blue blanket and sewed it up to look like a big robe.

Was a time intensive (making the head) but cheap costume.
Was the hit of the NA (Narcotic Annonimous Halloween party

Go naked. What else do you need?

Be a member of the undead. Wear your own clothes, get some extra pale makeup that is as close to white as possible, then get some brown eyeliner. Apply pale makeup all over face, including lips, then blend the brown eyeliner around your eyes like dark circles. People should get the hint, but if you think it’s not obvious enough, you could add some tears to the fabric and fake blood.

A couple years ago, I put some green cotton on my face, spray painted my hair green, wrapped myself in tin foil, put a sign with an expiration date of 1997 on it, and went as a leftover. I won a couple contests - cheap and easy.

go to the dollar store and buy one of everything that you can wear, should end up costing about 6 - 10$ and when asked just say “I’m a dollar store speacial”
or not. how much is not much? give us an idea fer crying out loud.

Well… if you don’t mind controversial…

Two best cheap costumes I remember from years of costume parties:

  1. Cut 2 x 5" wide strips from an old foam mattress. Spray brown, afix at right angles to make a cross. Two bent nails (the kind that look like they’re going through your hands), a loincloth and a crown of thorns. Fake blood for a wound in your side too, if you like.

  2. Speedo style swimming briefs, and an overcoat, plus a french loaf (attached at one end to the briefs) and a couple of pieces of string (attached to the loaf and the coat), rigged so that when the coat is errr… flashed open, the french loaf swings from a vertical position pointing down, to a errr… mostly vertical one pointing upwards.

'Course, either of these might end up with arrest depending on local customs and laws. :smiley:

Wrap yourself in saran wrap and claim to be either a) cold cuts, or b) a prick, a safe prick, but a prick

When I was a kid my mother and I came up with a great costume that won me a few awards, mainly MOST ORIGINAL or something similar.
We took a big garbage bag and cut leg holes in the bottom. Then we stuffed it with newspaper and tied it off (carefully) with string around my neck. Then we made a few holes in the sides of the garbage bag, and pulled some newspaper through. and finally she greased my hair back and pinned some “trashy” stuff in my hair, like a washed out egg shell, some aluminum foil, a broken clothes pin and stuff.

Hope it helps.

You could make a tadpole costume and go as a sperm.

You could don a black cape along with it and go as the…

Sperm Count.

I have a cow costume The Little Woman sewed for me. It’s sort of a jumpsuit in a cow print material. With a cow head hood.

I’ll be wearing it this year as I cook hot dogs to give out. I love doing this.

Take all the junk emails you normally jsut delete, print them out, and tape them all over you. Tell people you’re Spam.

Dang, I think I’m going to have to do that this year…

It would help to know if you are a guy or a girl.

A really cheap idea for a is a modern Cinderella, after midnight. Go just as ratty as you are willing to go, and only wear one sneaker. Might help if you carry around something that is your post-midnight carriage, like a Hot Wheels car.

This year I am planning to go as Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Wearing jeans and a blue top, carrying a rubber chicken and an extension cord.
My wife is going as the wine and cheese to compliment it.
Cheese wedge hat and she’ll whine all night.
Cheap yet I hope to get a few laughs(maybe more groans, though)

I saw someone once dressed as a Fairy Godmother after a three-day bender. Cigarette, empty bottle of scotch, fairy wings crumples, tiara askew, makeup all messed up… god, it was hilarious.