Halloween Costume Help Needed

OK - I need a costume for a Halloween party…

Here is the situation:

[li]I’m English in the US, and would like if possible to reflect that[/li][li]I have no artistic talent whatsoever, seriously, NONE[/li][li]I have less time than I have artistic talent, so buying things is a much better solution[/li][li]I’ve already done a Redcoat uniform (twice, having moved in between)[/li][/ol]

I’m blanking totally. I’m also a Simpson’s obsessive, and have done Homer in this bar, and while it went down well, I am really trying to avoid a full mask again (though for the right costume idea, I’d do it).

I’m a reasonably hefty 41 year old guy (picture in the SMDB gallery). Any ideas will win plentiful rewards in heaven.

What about a Beefeater? Or is that too similar in style to a Redcoat?

Or an upper-class twit, complete with monocle, cane, top hat, fob watch, silly walk, etc., etc. Americans love their Brits like that. :slight_smile:

Beefeater was the one idea I had. Cheapest I can find is around $250. Was hoping to come in around half that, tops.

I may have to do that, but I thought I would throw myself on the tender mercy of the Dope first.

How about Jack the Ripper? Cloak, hat and a big knife?

Haven’t looked at your pic–is Sweeney Todd a possibility? You can do the Depp version with a white streak or a Jack-the-Ripper-esque, run around with a fake knife. If you know a woman who’s willing to run around with a bodice and cleavage (and a knife), even better.

Something Dr. Who- ish? A bobby? (Bobbie?)

Okay, I’m giggling at this, but I’ve been asking my SO, who has travelled to London for work and worked with British people in several countries and he was brainstorming and said…<wait for it> … “Jar of Marmite?”

That’s all I’ve got on this one.

Jack the Ripper is a definite possibility. Unfortunately Sweeney Todd is out, as a couple who are very good friends of mine did that at this party two years ago.

Marmite would work, if I could find one.

This is me…

Dude, I have your solution: Don’t change a thing. Tell 'em you’re

Philip Seymour Hoffman.


Go to the party as a soccer hooligan.

And how do you know I’m not…

Anything Python-esque? I am thinking Ministry of Silly Walks with a suit and a bowler hat or a really cheap Queen Victoria costume.

Rugby player - after the plane crash! Standard striped jersey and a fake (if you insist) bloody arm to gnaw on.

What can I say? We rugby players eat our dead.

How about a London bobby costume?

But weren’t they Uruguayan rugby players?

Sherlock Holmes?

If you go with a friend, you could wear a Union Jack T-shirt and he could wear the Irish flag. Then you could randomly attack one another throughout the night.


Yeah - but most people won’t catch on. It’s more the “eat their dead” aspect of the sport more than the specific nationality. I once did a “Brewer Street hooker” (Brits will get the joke I hope) using my uniform, fishnet stockings and a feathered boa.

Go as Freddie Kreuger.

(played by Robert Englund)

Zombie Dr. Who - wool coat, long woollen scarf, and zombie make-up.

The Uruguayan Rugby Cannibal is winning right now. I’ve found all I need online for it, and it requires next to zero effort on my part (other than borrowing a ball). And maybe dripping some fake blood down from my lips.

I bought my friend a sonic screwdriver off amazon for about $24, a coat and vest and you call yourself #12.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Doctor who?”

“No, just The Doctor.