Help with Halloween costume!

How about Hawkwood’s Fairy Godfather, Ethilrist? He complements the outfit with the fakest mafiosa accent I’ve ever heard and a cigar stuffed in to an oversized cigarette holder.

I may dress as Garrett from Looking Glass Studios’ “Thief” games–black, semi-Ren shirt and pants, boots (maybe with taps on them :smiley: ), a big black cloak. It’s not a cheap costume, though–I just have all the bits already.

Got this from a cow-orker a few years ago - may try it this year.

Get a light blue sweatshirt - glue cotton batting/cotton balls/something white & fluffy on it. Carry a squirt gun.

When asked what you are - “Partly cloudy (squirt squirt) with a chance of rain”

Wear your clothes backwards. Tell people you always wanted to try cross-dressing, but so far you don’t see the attraction…

Hey, I was in the same boat, and now you guys have come up with some great ideas! I was already thinking about the leftover one…cheap, easy, and you can spill all you want…it just runs right off. :smiley:

Also, good for colder places like here, you could ger a nice brown blanket (two might be needed) and make a monk’s robe out of it. Get some red lightbulbs for eyes, and you can be one of those little guys from * Star Wars*! (Hmmm…Might have to do that one, too…)

Go to a store and buy the following - fabric interfacing, white cord (or string) and a piece of construction paper. You now have the makings for a teabag costune - which is what I think I’ll be this year.

Why not go the extra mile? Rumple the fabric and stain it with tea–then you can go as an old bag. (Of course, having seen Poysyn’s pic on the People Pages, I’m not sure she could carry off the role. :wink: )

FAIRY GODFATHER - From the waist up, dress in an Italian suit. From the waist down, wear a glittery tutu. Accessorize this with a tiara, wand, gauzy wings, moustache, and a mouthful of cotton. If anyone gives you any grief hit them with your wand and say “badda bing, badda boom, you’re a frog!”

MOVIE THEATER FLOOR - Dress all in black. Smear gel in your hair and in random spots on the rest of your body to create a sticky look. Attach empty plastic cups, popcorn, candy wrappers, chewed gum, and ticket stubs all over yourself.

My take on “Fairy Godfather” would be a business suit, Mafia style…in lavender. Little wings, an assault wand, and a majorly femmy/fruity voice.

Of course, you may have to be gay to get away with this without being PC-ed to death…


Go to a used clothing store… getr a funky fedora, a trenchcoat, and some nice man-in-a-suit dress shoes, and a pair of nice-ish pants. Also get a cheap briefcase.

Spray paint everything bright orange.

Voila! ** Agent Orange **

Or you could do what I heard about this year… go in normal clothes, but pin the front of your shirt up as though you were pulling it up to show your tits/chest. Take a big piece of cardboard, paint it black, and write in white letters: ** Too Hot For TV!!! ** and attach it across your chest.

My thoughts.

<Public health warning>This will only work if the guy is ig and strong, and the girl is light and named correctly</Public health warning>

So, the guy gives the girl a piggy back. When asked what he has is dressed as, he replies with “A turtle”. If asked where is your costume, point to the girl and reply “This is Michelle”.

May get a laugh, but prolly more groans.


I think it works better in a Yorkshire accent, but see what you think.


I had to read this three times, then say it out loud before I got it.


Know someone who did a variant… he also cut off the legs off an old pair of pants and held them up with rubber bands just above the knees, so he apparently was wearing pants before he flashed… he used a condom stuffed with cotton and would shake his hips. He eventually took off the prosthetic and blew it up like a balloon.

One of the more “sheltered” partygoers later picked it up and was saying “this balloon is really smooth. So much nicer than the others. Why is that?” When everyone stared, she realized what it was, and dropped it. I forget most of the people who were there. I will never forget Kathy’s face when she realized what it was :smiley:

I warned ya people would groan :smiley:

And it is prolly better in a British (perferably Yorkshire) accent cause we say “My car” (pronounced me car), “me shell, me house” etc


why not partly cloudy with a chance of meatballs. it would win plenty of creativity prizes. use paper meatballs.

on another note, you could use those twist ties and decorate yourself with it. that’s what my sister is doing, or at least i think…

Man, so throughout this thread, people keep saying “This year”, and I read it out of the corner of my eye and think, “Whoa! Why are people talking about me? My Halloween costumes always suck!” then I read it in its context, and feel stupid.
So every year, I always think I’m not going to dress up, but then at the last minute, I throw together some lame costume. This one year, I wore a white one-shouldered shirt (way before they became cool), a blue skirt, and a blonde wig. I was supposed to be Debbie Harry, but everyone assumed I was Marilyn Monroe. This creep in a bathrobe kept telling me that he was Hugh Hefner and we should get together. He called me for, like, a week afterwards.
So the moral is: Don’t wear a bathrobe. You’ll look creepy.

I’m going as Gofotron from Sluggy Freelance’s Punyverse adventure.

One fan has made a site with loads of costume ideas, and handy instructions…

I have nothing to contribute, just had the overwhelming urge to point out the ‘smack-your-forehead-and-groan’ factor of the above comment.
And now, thanks to this thread, my boyfriend is coming to a Halloween party as a SPERM!
Damn you, Dopers!! Damn you all!

Luv the idea Politzania.

Last year I was a road with roadkill. Wore black pants, black sweatshirt. Took duct tape and put it down my middle like a white road line. Took gutted small stuffed animals and pinned them to my shirt and pants. It was cheap.

I decided that these two costumes really needed to be seen to be believed, and I managed to dig up some old photos, so the Flasher and Christ costumes are now available for viewing.

(Link is safe – my own website – however the costumes may be considered morally suspect and/or religiously dubious. I however, was merely the photographer). :slight_smile: