Halloween Costumes

What is the coolest or most original Halloween costume you have ever seen?

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

Either the 13th-century Venetian prostitute or the Potted Fuschia, both of whom I encountered my freshman year of college, Fall of 1978, during the Great Second LSD Wave. I also recall that there were an awful lot of Dead Popes that Halloween. Some of them were Screaming Dead Popes, a la Francis Bacon.


Not the best I’ve seen, but I was at a party where a guy was wrapped in a white sheet with red blotches on it, and he had a string hanging from his head.

He was supposed to be a used tampon. He was trying to be funny, but all the girls were grossed out. (Same with the guys).

I also saw a guy with a garbage bag over him with pieces of garbage attached. He was supposed to be White Trash.

Normal clothing, with socks and dryer sheets pinned all over.

Static cling. :wink:

Had a friend in college (female) who also did the used tampon thing.

Best one I’ve seen was six guys dressed as a Viking ship. Kinda makes it impossible to sit down or use the bathroom all evening, though…

A “cerial” killer. Very funny when worn by a person with the right personality.

White Wolf

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“Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever enough to take indecent advantage of them.”

The most original one I’ve heard of was a few years back at the local Halloween contest. There were two people in the costume, which was one of the two guys dressed up as a waiter with a table apparently suspended from his midsection, complete with a covered platter. When he lifted the cover, a VERY odd entree was revealed: his partner’s head. I didn’t get to see it, but I liked the description.

A guy in New Orleans; of course, Halloween is like a pre-holiday dress rehearsal… He was dressed in a head to toe body stocking covered with tiny square mirrors. And a cowboy hat & boots & face mask covered with mirrors, too… the best part is, as he was walking down Burgundy, the ass-flap hung free.

In Jr High, I put a clotheshanger through my head and went as a failed abortion.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

In Jr High, I put a clotheshanger through my head and went as a failed abortion

ouch! hope you won a contest for that!

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My friend Jim went as a flasher with a spectacular huge fake dong hangin off of him. He flashed it fast enough to be asked if it was real.

I have gone as ASH from Army of Darkness with fake chainsaw hand and gore all over me. This year I am going as the Alfalfanator…Alfalfa and Terminator combined. Looks good with the replica guns hanging off me and the goofy hair

Truly one of the best was a bunch of guys looking about the same in suits but some had blood all over them…then when you got close they had nametags like Hi I am Mr White, Mr Blonde, Nice Guy Eddie. They were the whole cast of Resivoir Dogs

During my party animal days I used to pack a camera and prowl Halloween parties collecting photos of the best costumes. I stopped this practice but I’m sure there is a marketable book in this.
On the tampon theme, I photographed one dude who had created a large labia costume out of foam sheets, with hair on top, and he was dressed as a white tampon, with a string, inside the structure. It was a huge Haloween party and he was a finalist in the competition. The judges referred to him as “the portals of joy”. I wish I could post the picture but I don’t have the technology.