Halloween Vacation - Where should I go?

I have been around the U.S. plenty, but I want to escape the country. I’ve never been out of the country. I’m up for anything.

From your experiences or knowledge what do you guys think would be a good place to visit for the week of Halloween? Anywhere…


(Note: This will be my last attempt at advice on this if there are no responses)

I went to Edinburgh a few years ago in early November. From the remnants it looked like they had had a pretty good Halloween celebration. It’s also a very cool city altogether.

I know you said out of country but the desk clerk in a New Orleans hotel told me that Halloween in the French Quarter is kinda like a mini Mardi Gras.

My co-worker says Halloween in LA (Hollywood & Vine) is something quite interesting…

Edinburgh has been popping up everywhere in my search query’s. I’ll do some more research on this location.

As for the Halloween in the states, I’ve experienced it in a lot of the good places, except that location French Quarter. L.A., Vegas, Orlando, NY, Miami, and Waikiki (where I live) just to name a few. I know Halloween is celebrated everywhere, but there are certain places that hold special events. For example, at Universal Studios, they hold an event called HHN or Halloween Horror Nights. It’s by far my favorite place to go for Halloween because of the mixture of Halloween and theme park, but I’ve been there about 5 times now. Still love it, but I want to taste something foreign.

I’ll be traveling with my gf from Tokyo so I don’t want this trip to end up being a dud. I rarely get to see her, and given that I have had since Feb to plan this, I don’t want to disappoint either her or myself. Easy way for a relationship to start heading South.

Anyway, I’ll keep researching on my end, but if anyone knows anything special that’s going down, please let me know.


OOH Id say come to Scotland and visit Slains castle. From what I’ve heard they’re planning on turning it into a hotel/holiday apartments. Personally I would rather they did it up to look like a proper draculas castle where people can pay to have parties!

I am sure that they have some Halloween celebrations all over but I have always heard that it is limited in most places and the U.S. is the Halloween capital of the world. New Orleans would definitely be good but Salem, MA (Witch trials) is huge for Halloween.

We did Salem, but had the MOST fun when we did Holloween on a cruise ship.

Skip Germany!

Last year on Halloween, panicked Germans called the police to report a grisly murder on a train. Police arrived to see a young man, bloody and sprawled flat on a seat in a compartment.

The police woke the dead dude up from of his drunken stupor and had to explain to the shocked Germans on the train how this “new” American tradition of Halloween is getting popular in Germany, and this was simply the guy’s costume. Seems the young reveler had had one too many lagers at the party and passed out on the trip home.

From other threads here around Halloween, I think it is still mostly just an American “thing” - but more and more countries are starting to make it a new tradition - thanks to The Simpsons, films like Halloween and other media that has made its way around the world.

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Fantasy Fest in Key West is the most incredible Halloween event on the planet.

And while it isn’t technically another country, it certainly ought to be.

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