Halo Nevus question

Has anyone else ever had one of these? They are a usually benign brown mole with a circle of non-pigmented skin surrounding them. I had the mole removed from the center of mine a year ago, but I still have the one-inch diameter of non-pigmented skin. Is there anything anyone knows that can get rid of this or at least mask it?

I sunburned my back lightly a couple of weeks ago, and it turned pink, but didn’t fade. I had a spray-on tan done a week ago, which masked it somewhat for a couple of days, but now it’s back in full force. My daughter suggested I get a tattoo there (she’s a tattoo afficionado), using it as the center of a flower or a happy-face or some other circular motif, but I’m not so-inclined.

I hate the way it looks and it is a source of embarrassment to me. Can anyone offer any suggestions or advice??

I don’t know anything about your discoloration, but I do think the tattoo idea is a good one. You can get something very subtle.
Where is the discoloration? I doubt you have reason to feel embarasses. Would you like to show a picture? I’ll give you an honest opinion.

The “circle of white” is on my upper back, on the right side. Most of the time it is covered with clothing, but if I wear a tank top or something backless, it is visible. I don’t have any pictures of it to show you.

I had one removed from the middle of my back several years ago. They excised the whole white patch along with the mole and joined it together with sutures. It was smaller than the one I currently have, but it still left quite a scar. The doc cauterized the mole out of the middle of this one (ahhh - nothing quite like the smell of burning flesh…).

Oh, and thanks for the reply, PC!!

Hey! I’m PC! If not in action, at least in name!!

Well, I still say you’re probably making a mountain out of a mole hill (pun intended). :rolleyes:
I’m sure it’s noticable, but I very much doubt it’s something that would make someone think twice about your looks.
And here I’m gonna push for the tattoo again. I watched this show about tattoos a few months ago. There was this one woman they featured who had a major masectomy. That is they took everything. She had an absolutely flat chest - and I think they took her nipples, too. She was embarassed about it, I think she felt like “less of a woman”. She got together with this tattoo artist and they worked a design that was just beautiful. It was a coolorful paisley, and other intricate design backless tanktop. It came up to her shoulders and tapered in V to the top of her tummy. I think it went around her neck as well. It was so beautiful, and they showed her full frontal with the tattoo. You completely forgot she had no breasts. It was so well done.