Halo PC gone gold

This is a game I’ve been waiting on for several years, since I saw the demo video of Steve Jobs introducing the game.

Here’s the URL for a story (I can’t get the MS page to load).

And from that page, here’s a link to an image of the gold master (heh, they even used a gold-colored CD-R).

Any word on the Mac version?
To paraphrase what someone said about Marathon:
I will not believe it when the store says in stock
I will not believe it when the store says shipped
I will not believe it when I get a brown box
I will not believe it when the box says Halo
I will not believe it when the the CDs say Halo
I will not beleive it when the installer is running.
I will not believe it when the installed program comes up with the Halo logo
Once I’m actually playing the game, THEN I might start to believe…


I think i’m the only person in the world who owns Halo but not an Xbox to play it on.

No Xbox here.

If HL2 is delayed, Halo will be the first trully dx9 game out on the market. Can’t wait to check it out and see what all the fuss was about on a REAL platform. :slight_smile:

I’m sad about the lack of Mac versions in many games today, not that I have a Mac, but I’ve got a friend who does, and we can’t play any of the same MP games together (he refuses to even touch MS hardware/software).

I’ve listed my objections over on the steam forums (now that they’re working).

On another note, I’ve seen a Halo beta (an old one, marked 1.5) running on a Radeon 9800. It looks amazing–one of the neatest effects is the bump-mapping on the floor casting shadows when a flashlight is turned on. And the gameplay looks great. I hope to see something at least as exciting for HL2 (and a change of policy for steam).

Oops. Meant to post the first part over here. Too late to be posting for me I guess.