Halo Reach Multiplayer: I Despise Slayer. What are my Options?

I am sick and tired of loading up Halo, just to play Slayer. My God. Why did Bungie even put in the other game types, if we are just going to be playing death match all of the time?

Slayer is like the peanut in a Can of HALO mixed nuts. I would prefer the less than 50% peanut blend of mixed nuts. Less than 25% would be better.

Seriously, why can’t I play Oddball and Headhunter as often as Slayer?

And don’t get me started on the Racing modes. I already bought Blur, thanks.

What are my options?

Beats me. I dislike Slayer. I’d rather play CTF or even Team Slayer.

what about Invasion mode?

I like it…
only 2 maps at the moment but it is a more fun way to play, imho

Wha’ts wrong with Capture the Flag?

FTR: I personally have nothing against CTF.

The issue is, other players vote for slayer 101% of the time.

I’m the other way around… I kinda dislike the other modes because they rely on actual teamwork more and most of the time I get retarded teammates who don’t know how to go after the objectives. At least in slayer matches I can still personally kick ass despite my team getting its face pwned. Do you like Invasion? Invasion Slayer is my very favorite game mode, yet 90% of the time people vote for Invasion instead so you’d get plenty of that.

Also I forgot to mention: in the multi-team playlist people vote for non-slayer modes pretty often (King of the Hill & Oddball mostly), and of course there is a whole playlist dedicated to the objective modes… team objective.

Go in with a party, vote as a bloc.

Barring that, check the other playlists.

This kind of attitute is self-fulfilling, though. yes, you might get stuck with bad teammates. but they’ll never get good if you don’t rpactice with them. SO epople stick to Deathmatch becuase it’s safe and never do anything else.

This reminds of the Counterstrike Syndrome. That’s where, despite a dozen awesome maps, you wind up playing the Same. Damn. Map. every bloody time forever. I stopped playing because I could not play De_Dust2 another time, and wasn’t willing to wait for three more months for people to finally switch.

I’d love to have a regular team to play with but I don’t. (if I did I’d be much more into objective modes) Since I get a different team every time, I don’t really care whether they get good or not, because I won’t be playing with that team again.

I really don’t get why Oddball hasn’t taken off. Isn’t it two to three iterations beyond American Football? Wouldn’t this hit that hybrid demographic on days when Football is not being televised?

I love the hell out of Headhunter. Many people hate it. Why is this?

I mean, ok, so the zones move, in my book that level of frustration equals fun and smooths the game out some, in terms of win/loss across all players.

Oddball is a good gametype. Headhunter is okay, I guess. It’s not for me, though.