Halt and Catch Fire Thread

So… I didn’t see one (or at least not for a while), so I figured I’d create one to talk about the absolute incredible run of 3 episodes the show just did, starting with the incredible “You Are Not Safe”, which they somehow topped with “NIM” (with the huge shock in the cold open). And then they did a fantastic season finale in “NeXT”. I don’t think I remember a 3 in a row episode run of this quality on a TV drama aside from Breaking Bad.

And in even better news, as the show just seemingly gets better, HACF was renewed for a 4th season, which apparently is it’s final one (which I’m ok with - better to wrap up a good story than to go on for too long).

Anyone watching?

I’m still a couple episodes behind this season.

Started off slower than the previous seasons but has built up nicely so far.

For most of the characters, I hate them and love them simultaneously. Interesting trick. Bosworth, OTOH, has gone from a perfectly hate-able person in the first seasons to a perfectly likable guy now. Is Joe John McAfee?

Of course as an old-timey computer person, a lot of this resonants to a high degree. As well as being set in [del]Atlanta[/del] San Francisco.

Yeah, I thought Season 3 started slow and I know a few folks were thinking it wasn’t as good as Season 2, but it gets amazing by the end. I like it better than Season 2 now.

And yeah, every character is layered, you like and dislike things about every single one of them.