Breaking Bad 3-09-08

I continue to enjoy this show, and have really liked the transformation Walt has undergone since his diagnosis. At first I was worried the chemistry angle would be kind of lame, but they have worked it into the story well.

Apparently this was the season finale. But I seem to remember reading somewhere at some point that it was meant to be 9 episodes, but the strike cut it off at 7. This episode, while quite good as usual, just seemed like the 7th episode of a 9 episode season. Anyone know what went on with this show, if it will be back, and if my recollections are correct?

The show is supposed to come back for a second season, although I don’t know when and for how many episodes. But I believe it is back in production.

Correcting myself, the show has NOT been picked up yet for a second season, although the people associated with the show have high hopes that it will be renewed.