Timeless returns Sunday March 11, 2018

I, for one, thought it was cancelled. My guide says it is season 2, episode 1 and Wikipedia says it is a 10 episode season
It returns tonight after American Ninja Warrior on NBC


I read somewhere it was cancelled then they changed it to a second season. I enjoyed the first season.

Looking forward to it. It’s light fluffy fun. I could use more of that.

I must have just deleted some episode when i thought it was cancelled, I don’t remember the mom being Rittenhouse, just the biodad.

It was the shocking surprise in the last episode of last season.

I could do with less woe, and more fun, but it was only the first episode. We’ll see how it goes.

I like the creepy new (old) leader of Rittenhouse. I wonder if the Mom was Rittenhouse in the original timeline, or if that’s a change that has occurred since the beginning of the series

I enjoy the show and hope that it enjoys a nice, long run. But it doesn’t seem like the network has a lot of faith in it if it was only willing to award it a 10-episode second season. If I don’t see reports of some additional scripts being ordered soon, I’m going to assume that it’s on the way to being tossed into oblivion once again. It’s an expensive show to produce, from what I hear, so I’m not going to nurture a lot of fantasies about another network picking it up.

I was happy it was renewed, but have not been that impressed with S2 so far. If it doesn’t improve, I think it should bow out gracefully at the end of S2 and get a proper series finale. I mean, really, the only thing that needs to happen, is Rittenhouse going down, and a happy or bittersweet resolution on Lucy’s sister.

For anyone who liked this show, NBC is wrapping it up with a two-hour movie tomorrow night, starting at 8pm.

I’m really glad we’re getting some closure. I hate it when a show has a hell of a cliffhanger… and then you never see it resolved.

If I ruled the world they’d have to wrap up every series.

The lack of closure is a big reason I’m reluctant to start watching almost all of the serialized dramas that have premiered since Lost.

I saw an article someplace where the actor who plays Flynn said that the finale was the wildest thing he’s worked on, and that they say and do things that they couldn’t in the regular series. I suppose the fact that they don’t have to worry about the future makes this Christmas episode, er, timeless.

Great wrap-up.

Thanks for posting this. I would have missed it.

Yes. I found it quite satisfying.

I’m glad it got a real ending. A little bittersweet but that is OK.