Hamid Karzai: Iran has been a "helper" in fight against terrorism

So the Afghan president said just before his recent visit to Camp David:

So, who’s right? Put another way, what is Karzai talking about? He ought to know, it’s his country – but what exactly has Iran done to stop terrorism there?

Iran hates the Taliban, and the sentiment is entirely returned. The Taliban are inspired by the Wahhabist sect, a sub-set of Sunni Islam that loathes Shia Islam violently.

But what has Iran actually done about any of that?

In the past, Iran has moved troops onto their border with Afghanistan to contain the Taliban during operations. http://www.farsinet.com/news/sept98wk1.html

From the article:

Yet, the Admin accuses Iran of funnelling weapons into Afghanistan. And, if that is true (the linked story does not mention the evidence), for whom but the Taliban could they be intended?

Iran provided intelligence to the CIA about al Qaeda after 9/11.

Are there no Shia Muslims in Afghanistan resistant to the Taliban?

They are in fact, many Shia in Afghanistan and that is who Iran is accused of arming to fight the Taliban. Of course, the US armed the northern alliance and the proto-groups that became the Taliban. Other players in Afghanistan include India, which is apparently trying to destabilize Pakistan’s northern border to keep them occupied there and the Russians who have had an interest in the region since the beginning of the great game.

The arabs and the persians have been at war since the beginning of time. These borders are moving daily. Large portions of these border regions are in an ideological constant change and it would be rediculous to blame that on one of these central governments. They have no control whatsoever. They are going to run out of people killing each other at some point.

Bush told Karzai that Karzai shouldn’t believe what he was seeing on the ground in Afganistan??? As if Bush were in a better position to know what’s happening there than Karzai? Was he then drowned out by raucous laughter?

There are no Arabs (except for foreign volunteer fighters) in Afghanistan. Shift your focus eastward.

I believe that what the US, Iran, and Karzai would like is the removal of the Arab influence from their regions. The volunteer fighters are what I refrerring to. On the other hand, most of the Arab nations do not want them either.