Handedness and stirring direction

I’m right-handed, and it’s more natural for me to stir something counter-clockwise. How about you?

(Damn, this was supposed to be a poll, but I screwed up.)

Lefty and counter-clockwise, but I imagine that many lefties do stuff weird due to being subject to a right-handed world.

Also lefty, also counter-clockwise. In thinking about it, if I had to stir with my right hand for some reason, I imagine I’d go clockwise. The other ways seems unnatural.

Righty and clockwise.

You counter-clockwise people are scary.

Right-handed and definitely clockwise. It would feel utterly awkward doing it the other way.

This is me, too.

Lefty and counter-clockwise. Unless I’m in the southern hemisphere.

Righty, and typically clockwise, but I’m fidgetty, so sometimes I stir counter-clockwise. If I’m stirring long enough that I feel I need to switch hands, I’ll generally maintain whatever direction I was already stirring.

Dammit, I was going to make that joke!

I’m right-handed, but I’ll happily stir with my left hand if it’s more convenient. Whichever hand I use, I have no preference for the direction I stir in – I’ll often stir one way for a while, and then switch the other way.

My mother seems to have a strong preference, though – more than once she’s commented that I’m “stirring the wrong way”, which I find utterly baffling. I can understand someone feeling that one direction or the other seems to come more naturally to them, but I can’t for the life of me imagine trying to enforce it on other people. Or even noticing which direction someone else is stirring something.

One of these days I’ll have to ask her what difference she thinks it makes.

I’m a lefty and I stir clockwise, no matter which hand I’m stirring with. It doesn’t feel right to stir the opposite way with my right hand for some reason.

I can and do stir with either hand. When I stir:

right handed - clockwise
left handed - counterclockwise

To do the opposite with either hand is just not natural.

Lefty, and with the left hand, counterclockwise, and with the right, clockwise. After switching hands and tiring them both, then I switch rotation just to vary things a bit.

Righty and clockwise.

With my right-hand, counter-clockwise; with my left hand, clockwise; sometimes simultaneously, depend on what’s cooking and needing attention.

Right and clockwise. This thread made me try counter-clockwise, and I could get no speed.

Right handed, and clockwise. When I switch hands, I go counter-clockwise with my left.

Right-handed and clockwise, but if I’m trying to dissolve something I go clockwise, counter-clockwise, clockwise again. It goes faster with some changing-up.

Some folks are bothered by anything going widdershins. Unfortunately we drive that way in this country.

I stir with both hands and in any direction. When I’m mixing batter, I’ll typically use my right simply because it’s stronger and can hold up longer. But, I’ll stir clockwise and counter. If it’s a particularly thin batter, I’ll use my left hand. If I’m stirring something in a pot, I’ll use either hand and I’ll just as frequently go left to right, back to front, and around. Stirring is boring so I need variety.

I stir in both directions and in a figure-8. Right handed.