"Handicapable" ?

then why do they still treat us like we are congenital morons … you know how many people talk at mrAru past me, or talk to me with 1 syllable words and in loud voices … I am not deaf, just gimpy!

Because they are ignorant and insensitive. But I don’t think that problem would be solved by dropping “mobility-impaired”. For those of them who are prepared to engage their brains, the term “moblity impaired” should do more than the term “disabled” to signal to them that shouting at you in baby-talk is neither necessary nor appropriate.

muldoonthief said:

Ding ding ding, we have a winner. That was my first encounter. Anytime since then has pretty much been mocking the term.

Or should that be antemortious? :slight_smile:

I was once out with a blind colleague, walking him to the train station. A woman came up to us and asked me, “Is he blind?” When I said, “Well, you can ask him; he’s not deaf!”, she called me a wise ass.

Well, you were a wise ass, but she was a moron, so wiseassery was required.

I use the term “handicapable” as a joke, particularly when I think people are trying too hard to be PC in regards to the crippled.

Oh, excuse me, the handicapped.

I’ve only ever heard it in the film Storytelling where its use was mocked mercilessly.