"Handicapable" ?

I’ve got an actual question here, so I’ll stick to the facts rather than stray into IMHO territory.

I’ve seen this term exactly twice, both within the last two weeks, and both times on this board. I’d never seen it before.

Presumably it is a term that has emerged in the US, and somewhat recently?

Anyone got any idea where/when this term first started to be used?

I’ve seen it used with reference to games where you can have a handicap, like golf where it’s a number, or chess where one side starts without a number of pieces. I’ve never seen it used in the PC context.

I’ve heard “handicapable” (it’s pronounced like capable, but with handi- in front) many times. It’s used to put a positive spin on having a physical disability but still being capable of many things. A quick web search shows a range of links from consulting companies that do chair lifts to handicapped square dancing organizations.

I remember hearing it back in the late 1970’s - it’s not that new. I know some disabled people who absolutely despise the term, for various reasons. I think I’ve heard it most often from the able-bodied who are trying to be politically correct.

I heard it on an episode of “Diff’rent Strokes”, Count Your Blessings, which aired in 1981. Arnold’s depressed because he finds out he’s only going to get to 5’ tall (oops), so they introduce him to a girl in a wheelchair, who when asked about what it’s like to be handicapped yells “I’m not handicapped, I’m handicapable!”

I’d always assumed it was just a cute play on words, not a real concept.

I’ve only heard it used ironically, or when being mocked (doesn’t the kid on South Park who uses crutches say “handicapable?”)

Yeah, I’m with Hello Again… I don’t think I’ve ever heard it in a non-mocking way.

I guess it must have been a thing or else no one would think to mock it, but in my mid-30s I’ve only ever heard it as an attack on Political Correctness…

Handicapable is out of vogue as far as I can tell, but I’ve come across the term differently abled quite a bit. Also presently non-disabled as a comment on personsn lacking disabilities.

Also"temporarily able-bodied".

Temporarily able-bodied was the term I was trying to remember. Heard a lot of them when I went through training to be a relay operator for the deaf. I was something less than convinced.

A “handicapable” person chiming in. I’ve never heard/used that term. I LOATHE the term “differently abled” (you’re trying too hard to be PC) I’ve heard/used the term “temporarily able-bodied” as well as the cooresponding acronym TAB.

A person* soon to be* lacking disabilities.

Oh God! Is somebody dreaming up yet another stupid term for people with a disability (like me - I’m paraplegic)? I suppose it’s not quite as idiotic as “differently abled” (everybody in the world is “differently abled” - I highly doubt you’ll find two people with exactly the same abilities), but it is still a completely unnecessary neologism. I’m disabled. I have a disability. I’m handicapped. I have a handicap. I’m even crippled. Do you really need to think up yet another word for me?

That’s a term I haven’t heard either. But yeah, I strongly dislike those kinds of terms.

I’m deaf, goddammit. And if you need an umbrella term, disabled works pretty well as does handicapped.

I self refer as gimp, myself. Well, and also unemployed scum =)

Wha?! That doesn’t seem a very useful term… isn’t everyone who is not “currently not-able-bodied” only “temporarily able-bodied”? Everyone that is “presently not-formerly living” at least.

We prefer to be referred to as prehumous.

Not too far from my house is the “Museum of disABILITY”. Yes, that’s how it is on the sign.

One term I’ve been hearing a lot lately is “mobility impaired”.

“Moblity impaired” looks to me like a useful term; it identifies a disability which impacts on mobility rather than, e.g., cognition, learning, speech, manual ability, etc.