Handing in my PhD thesis - thought I'd pay you guys a visit

Congratulations! I’m a bit hazy on this stuff so I’m glad somebody else asked about the defending bit.

Congratulations! I defended my dissertation and graduated almost a year an a half ago. It is sooooooo good to be done. I haven’t done anything big and exciting, like take up scuba, but I’ve enjoyed actually having leisure time that I don’t feel guilty about. I’ve read a lot more fiction and done a lot more socializing. Mostly, I’ve enjoyed not feeling the pressure to finish my dissertation. :slight_smile:

THAT is what I’m looking forward to.

I haven’t done anything as awesome as a Masters or PhD, but every time I take a course in something, the thing I miss most is reading fiction (as in, “I want to read this book, but I should be studying/doing homework/doing something much less fun than just reading.”) Then I’m done, and like you mentioned, it’s back to reading all the fiction I can stand! WooHoo! :smiley:

Its not exactly fiction, but a friend sent me The Hare with the Amber Eyes, which I think I will start today. Over a long breakfast.

PDF or it’s not true. :wink:
It sounds interesting. (Anthro/archaeology major who expected to work in a museum, then real life intruded and I became a drafter working in a museum. This thesis really does sound interesting.)

You know, dropzone, I am still interested and sustained by my topic five years on and the two projects I have in Berlin are both related to the same institutional/collection history, engaging with it in different ways.

I’m really excited about the exhibition, which is my first solo exhibition. It essentially takes the core idea I’ve been interested in in my thesis - the “reorientation” of meaning in objects (and their changing but continual reflection of official concepts of nation) - and plays with it visually to disrupt the current displays in the national historical museum in Berlin. I sort of can’t believe they’re letting me do it, let alone with federal funding!