I'm Finished!! I've actually finished my MA Thesis!!!!

Okay, so I still have to defend it, hopefully next week, (actually definitely next week, as I need to get out of my apartment!) but I’ve written it.
And my advisor doesn’t want any more revisions! (This is the man who’s motto is One More Revision Before You Defend Can’t Hurt.) :smack:

It’s taken me six months, enough sugar to start my own cookie factory, and no less than six phone calls to my mother threatening to chuck it all in and just come home. (Speaking of which, I owe major thanks to my parents for being very supportive throughout this ordeal.)

My health is terrrible, and my physical therapist would scream if she saw what I’ve done to my back. But I don’t care! I’m done! And after all the hoops I had to leap through, there’s no way my committee will fail me! I might have major revisions to do, but I’m not going to worry about that until it happens.

I am now free to find a job, and hopefully start living the life of a normal adult, rather than a starved, half-crazed graduate student!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations Anduin. What was the topic of your thesis? Are you hoping to find work in that field?

Thanks Cunctator! The topic of my thesis was the paradox inherent in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract, solved by a careful reading of his Considerations on the Government of Poland. In other words, no, I’m not looking for a job in that field! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having to move home, actually, and I have a teaching job lined up at a community college, but I really want to work for the State Department or the CIA. Unfortunately, they’re too busy pointing fingers over Iraq and 9/11 to be paying much attention to hiring, it seems. Also, I don’t technically graduate til August, and noone seems to want to interview me until I’ve officially graduated.

Sigh Oh, well. At least I get to go home and sponge off my family for a while! :slight_smile:


Anduin! You must feel lighter than air!!!

We do have a tradition here, you know. Everyone who finishes a thesis has to get naked and dance for the rest of us…

Well done!

Congratulations!!! :smiley:

WoooHooo! Congratulation and well done! And good luck on the defense!

Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations. It does feel great!

Hmmm, naked dancing you say? Well, only if everyone else joins in! :smiley:

WOOHOO Anduin! Congrats! Good Job!

Now, get out there and go to work! I’m planing on retiring in 12 years and I need your support. :smiley:

And I thought it was cover yourself in chocolate pudding then dance naked for everybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll join in! :smiley:

Hey! Congratulations!

I’m going to graduate school in the fall, so you can look forward to me bitching about it soon enough! :slight_smile:

Trust me, this is not something you wanna see…


I know exactly how you feel - I was so happy I almost cried once I finished my thesis. In fact, I did cry from happiness once my defense was over and they told me I could put M.A. behind my name. Thank God I didn’t break down in front of my committee, though. Good job, and good luck on your defense! You’ll do a wonderful job!


Errrm…I almost did in front of my D.Phil committee…

Congratulations, Anduin!

I fully expect to break down in front of my committee once they tell me I’ve passed. But I don’t care! I’ll never see them again!

Okay, so now it’s chocolate pudding naked dancing . . . Hey, if it involves chocolate, it’s just fine with me! Oh, and if you want to join in, I will of course need photos so I can judge whether or not you’re suitable! :smiley: