Handing in my PhD thesis - thought I'd pay you guys a visit

Back in 2011 I joined the Dope having been a lurker for a little while. I was two years into my PhD candidature and pretty soon decided I had better stop procrastinating and get serious about my studies. Not to say I haven’t done my fair share of procrastinating in the interim, but three years on I am finally submitting and thought I’d drop back in and say hi. I also plan to finally start reading fiction again… a real treat after half a decade on a singular track. Not sure if I’m allowed to ask questions in MPSIMS, but I’d love to hear any of your post-thesis (or post-whatever) plans and how they worked out.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Hey, congrats!

What field and when do we get to officially teach you the secret handshake?


PhD is in Museum Studies but with a very large foot in German History/Historiography. I’m living in Berlin at the moment but am Australian, so I send it to print in Sydney on Monday and my Dad submits in person for me on Mon 31 March. It will be at least 3 months before word comes in on whether you can show me the secret moves.

And moves we got, so don’t forget!

Enjoy the moment- it truly is a great accomplishment.

Congratulations, I’m sure you’re feeling such a huge sense of accomplishment!

I published my Masters thesis about a month ago, and just received my diploma last week. I still can’t believe I’m done. I got the final ok on my thesis back in November, but procrastinated a bit with publishing because as soon as I was done, I took two vacations - one to Hawaii for 3 weeks, one to Mexico for a week - in short order. I have so many plans for this year now that I have all this free time! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am impressed with anyone who finished a Masters or PhD. I’m having palpitations just trying to answer two essay questions about how a journal article on tracheostomy tubes will help me in a clinical setting. I can’t imagine researching and writing something so massive!

congodwarf, your topic sounds much more impressive (and useful) than my humanities stuff. But yes, it was epic and challenging and the best and the worst thing I’ve ever done. It made me, but it very nearly broke me in the process.

Believe me, it’s not. I’m going for an AS in respiratory care. I wont lie. The article was very interesting. But, the proper selection of a tracheostomy tube isn’t really going to be in my frame of consciousness beyond handing in this assignment. My goal as soon as I’m done with school is to get a job as far from acute care (and tracheostomies) as possible. I will miss suctioning them though. It’s very satisfying. :smiley:

Let’s see, after being a lowly grad student for 6 years, I advanced to become a slightly less lowly postdoc for 5 more years. It did get better after that though.

Luckily for me I’m not looking for a job in academia. I am already on a research fellowship at a museum and have funding lined up for my own exhibition, so I’m set though till the middle of next year. After that it may get tougher. The museum sector is pretty competitive and not so many jobs open up… ever.


Congrats, Dr. Post! I’m in art history but have somehow wound up with an undergrad-level museum studies basics class so you have my respect.
Good luck with the job hunt-- I have the sense that museums and universities are at about the same level of ‘ugh’ with hiring right now.

Congratulations! Good luck with your upcoming exhibit!

Thanks everyone! I send it to the printers tonight so I’m doing a last run through now. Yes - lots of cross-over between Art History and Museums Studies, in fact our departments just merged at my uni. Though my area is much closer to history than art history, I still had to pretend I knew how to analyse some artworks. Not so easy.

Anyway, time to hold my breath for 3-5 months!

Good to have you back!

Congratulations as well. I was required to have an oral defence of my thesis before I could call myself Dr. DrumBum. Is that a required at your university as well ?

Hi Dr. DrumBum. No, thank goodness there is no thesis defence in Australia. But… it is assessed by three independent assessors, possibly international. They write reports and it then goes to the Faculty Board to determine the results. I’m happy not to have to defend, but I also have to wait a long time for confirmation that all is ok (fingers crossed). I’m working in Germany at the moment and realising that the processes are quite different in different parts of the world. Here they have defence, but the initial assessment is done by the thesis supervisor, which I find really strange.

So what did you do once you were free? My associate supervisor just told me he took surfing and scuba dining lessons when he finished.

Notification of a successful defence of the orals is made within five days so after a small celebration with colleagues, I did a bit of traveling ( went to Australia for two weeks :slight_smile: ). After that, as my parent were expecting some returns on their investment, I took a job with my current employer.

Ahha! The advantage of our education system. I owe the tax department a large sum, but my parent’s didn’t have to chip in. Actually the PhD was completely free because I had a scholarship, but I do have to pay down my Masters when I’m finally employed back home…