Handwriting/Script Style Question

I’ve decided to dedicate myself to learn a classic handwriting style. I typically write in sloppy boy print, and I’m tired of how idiotic it makes me look. I know the regular script I learned back in grade school, but rather than perfect that, I’d really like to learn a classic, yet legible, style of script. I’m looking for something distinctive and professional. I like Thomas Jefferson’s near italicized script, but I specifically want something that I don’t need a fountain pen to master. I’ll still be using a regular old Bic or Uniball.

My general question is this:

Would someone point me to an online guide, and/or recommend a classic style of script?


Get a copy of “Please Write: How to Improve Your Handwriting” by Wolf Von Eckardt. It’s available used on Amazon. He presents a very basic italic style that you can write with any pen.

But I’d beg you not to turn your nose up at a chisel tipped nib. It works wonders.

See this book at


Caveat: It’s a workbook, so I suggest you contact the seller(s) to make certain that the book you get hasn’t got the work sessions already filled in.

I notice not one seller has a New or** Like New** book.

Nevertheless, if you get some graph paper you can still trace the instructional letters and learn how to write beautifully. It’s a wonderful adventure.

Also, if you use the book I recommended, above, you must constantly work hard (as the author’s regularly urges) to write quickly.

After all, you don’t want to write at the pace of a 1st grader, but at the same speed you do now - maybe even faster - and much, much, more beautifully.

I wish you success beyond your wildest dreams, drastic_quench. It ain’t gonna be easy, but if you stick with it, you’ll make it, and will end up feeling very good about yourself.

Go buy the damned thing!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I always had bad handwriting, and printed in all capitals. When my oldest started kindergarten, I wanted to set a good example (or at least, not a bad one), so I took up the printing style they were teaching, which is D’nealian. I still use it now, and I’m actually pretty proud of how my handwriting looks (although the pre-D’nealian bar was pretty low). The main feature I notice is the little curl at the bottom right of many of the letters.

Not as fancy as BarnOwl’s suggestion, but maybe more practical. You can even make your own practice worksheets.

shudders You’re welcome to your D’Nealian. For my part, I hate those loops.