Handy Dopers - How do I finish this door?

So, we’re nearing the end of a major remodel job, and I have a problem with staining a door. The trim in the bedroom is a Cherry-toned color, and the trim in the hallway is more of a deep Honey Oak color.

So, how I pick which one to stain the door? Can I do each color on the appropriate side? Both rooms will have stained wood trim, so at least one side will not match the trim when the door is closed.

What to do?

Why not stain each side of the door so it matches the room?

Confused? Wouldn’t the door be a mismatch when it is OPEN?

You could do the door in different stain colors for each side. I could be an issue when left open. I would probably stain the whole door the color of the ‘main’ trim. If the trim in halls and the house is honey oak, then I do the door honey oak.

The bedroom was already different, and I think that a contrasting color on a door is a good thing, especially when you impact just one room, so having the honey oak on the whole door is fine. All woods do not need to match. A good contrast is great.

Stain it honey oak if that matches the rest of the house and leave the bedroom to have a cherry trim scheme with honey oak door.