Hangover cure?

Does anyone know anything about this alleged hangover cure? Does it work? I never take what the seller says as fact.

Pay it no mind. The ingredients it claims absorb the congeners from the bloodstream never actually leave the GI tract, so wouldn’t absorb the congeners from there. It offers testimonials, which I consider Bogus To The Max, and under “clinical trials” it says clinical trials have been done showing its effectiveness, but does not cite anything.

So, drink in moderation, keep yourself hydrated, and take acetaminophen or ibuprofen as needed for pain.

Or, just say no.

Qadgop, MD

so the best way I’ve found to beat a hangover…

Two leters of IV fliud and 20 minutes or so of oxygen…
take asprin or ibuprofen to your comfort level
I am surprised that Qadgop recommended acetaminophen. My understanding is that your liver is allready working overtime if you have a hangover on the alcohol in your system. Acetaminophen is also metabolised in the liver. I understood that you should stay away from acetaminophen if you’ve been drinking…

but I could be wrong…Qadgop – still around?

I find taking heavy doses of B complex take the edge off of hangovers.

Dim sum and drink lots and lots of tea while you’re there.

of course that would be two liters of IV fluid…

kinoons, chronic heavy drinkers should certainly avoid acetaminophen. But for a normal individual who’s just over-indulged a bit, it poses little risk. It has even been argued in the past that putting ethanol and ibuprofen in the stomach at the same time is a bad idea, as the incidence of GI bleeding goes way up. Some have even hypothesized that it can increase the risk of bleeding from esophageal varices. So what’s a rummy to do?

So either has risks. But yes, I should have added the disclaimer that if one is a regular heavy consumer of alcohol, one should avoid acetaminophen. Thank you.


BTW, the biggest risk is taking the acetaminophen with the alcohol still on board.

Menudo. A big bowlful including the nasty bits, with all the condiments.
Tripe is your friend. :wink:

Two cups of really strong coffee then a glass of milk. Between the acid and the curdles, you get the good morning puke out of the way. Another cup of coffee and about 32 oz of water at once. Guzzle it down, then eat a couple eggs with some tabasco. Take a good crap or grab a turkey baster and do some enema action. Now you feel good enough to consider drinking again.

It’s either that or a super spicy bloody mary with aspirin. Both do a great job for me. If you can remember, take a couple aspirin and a LOT of water before passing out. It’ll help cut down the pain the next morning.

So how long does it take for alcohol to be completely metabolized out of the system? I understood that Alcohol is absorbed much more quickly than it is metabolized. Would that not lead to there being a serum level of alcohol 7 or 8 hours later? Is there a safe level of alcohol in the blood that acetaminophen can be consumed at?

A safe level? I’m sure that’s so variable based on individual chemistry, and whether the microsomal enzymes have been induced in a particular drinker that it would be hard to compute. And yes, ethanol stays on board a long time, that’s why people can blow 0.10 BAC 12 hours later and get busted for drunken driving. Bottom line? Acetaminophen can be a danger for chronic heavy drinkers. Who’s a chronic heavy drinker? If you’re wondering if you are (addressed to the general population, not kinoons), then you probably are. If there’s more quantification to it than that, I’m sure Google can track it down somewhere.

Years ago a friend recommended a variation on the standard aspirin or ibuprofen with lots of water trick.
The idea is to consume lots of water and several aspirin before going to sleep (or passing out) that night. This seems to work to prevent most of the cranium splitting and eyesocket bleeding from happening in the first place.
I’ve found it definitely works better than trying to chase the hangover around with aspirin or such the next morning, and you won’t spend nearly as much time feeling miserable waiting for any cure to kick in.

Long ago, a friend introduced me to a process called “The Drinking Man’s Diet” and it shows you a way to ward off hangovers before you get them. We tried it and we were able to drink astonishing amounts of liquor without ill effect both during and after drinking. I think I drank a whole bottle of vodka one night.
Anyway, about an hour before you start drinking, take a megadose of vitamin B12, a vitamin E, and a B complex pill. During the evening drinking, breathe pure oxygen for about 1 minute per hour (I didn’t say this was going to be EASY, now did I?) Before sleeping, eat a chunk of high-carbo high fat food, a baloney sandwich would be perfect.
So… you forgot your oxygen tank and vitamins and carbs, now what? Try to blow off the CO2 from your lungs. Breathe deeply, exhale deeply. Try to oxygenate your tissues, but don’t hyperventilate. Drink a Coke with lots of crushed ice (no diet coke). The idea is to supply the materials your liver needs to finish metabolizing the alcohol, and to blow off the waste products. Only time will heal you, but you can help it along a tiny bit.
But still, I’m astonished at the recommendation of ibuprophen. I read about one case where a man who only drank rarely mixed ibuprophen and 1 glass of wine, and his liver was destroyed, he had to have a liver transplant. I wouldn’t mix ibuprophen and alcohol, I’d rather suffer than face even a minor risk of such a serious side effect. But that’s just me.

I almost started a thread on this TODAY because I so absolutely swear by the B12 prevention technique.

While I’m having my first drink of the night I take a B12. Then, right before I go to bed, I down another B12 and 32 ounces of water (in a Blackhawks tumbler if you can manage it). It not only prevents oogy tummies, but skullsplitting headaches.

Of course this has only worked on my moderate drinking habits. If your planning a three day bender I don’t think vitamins will help at all.


I would doubt that ibuprofen and alcohol alone would be that toxic, otherwise there would be thousands of cases a week and we’d have a national liver crisis. Lets be honest, alcohol alone is fairly toxic and can cause liver damage. If you’re afraid of liver damage, don’t drink.
Your recommendation to inhale oxygen seems more dangerous on the face of it. Yeah, who wouldn’t trust a whole bunch of wretched drunks with some cannisters of pure oxygen? I seem to remember that oxygen is very corrosive and can cause lung damage unless carefully administered. Plus, what happens when someone lights a cigarette? Phhhwooomph. Might as well use nitrous oxide, at least it will really make you forget your hangover.

Space Otter

The only thing you have to worry about when breathing in O2 is blowing yourself up when someone else smokes or knocking the cyclander over and making a rocket out of it. In the short term there is absolutely no ill effects of a high level of, or even pure, O2. Its not going to corrode your lungs.

Well, yeah, the purely physical dangers like hyperventilating, passing out, falling over, and cracking your skull open are the biggest concerns. Alcohol is only going to increase this possibility.

and you can accomplish that on room air, no extra O2 is needed.

Well, someone here a while back talked about drinking Pedealyte (I couldn’t think of the spelling on that word, so I tried looking up the thread. Sure enough, I found it here)

I was skeptical about it back then, but I’m a believer today.

Why? Because I tried it.

I must have looked like a scene, but during a particularly bad hangover a while back, I slowly made my way up the street to the store and bought some.

After getting over the odd looks from others in the store, especially the clerk (It’s not that embarrassing a product, it’s essentially baby formula) I went home and downed a couple cans.

I hafta say, damn, it works!

After about two hours, I felt like I was feeling normal enough to do what I’d normally do. After about four hours, I actually felt fine (A normal hangover would have left me incapacitated for about two days in that situation).

So, give it a shot. The worst that could happen is it doesn’t work. And considering the other suggestions here, that’s what you’re in for with them for sure.