Hangover cure?


thanks for that suggestion – it is a good one. pedealyte is basically the same stuff that is used in IV fluid. The only thing I would have to say is don’t go to town on it…maybe one glass of water for every 2 or 3 glasses of pedealyte

I don’t know but I haven’t had a hangover in over 30 years and it sure isn’t because I haven’t had any opportunities.

This is a bit off-topic, but if you feel you need to sober up quickly eat a few tortillas. They expand to three times their size in your stomach, sucking up all the booze. So if you wanna get plastered, do it at the Bell.

Its a nice thought, but its alcohol in your blood stream that makes you sick, not the stuff waiting in your stomach to be absorbed. It will slow down the absorption of the alcohol that is in your stomach waiting to make you sicker (or keep you as sick) so you’ll feel better that much sooner. It wont directly impact how sick you are at that moment.

raw egg and tabasco
mashed banana and coke
greasy fry up
pickled herrings and raw onions
cabbage soup

they all work…eventually.

personally, i drink at the weekend and stay in bed until i feel human.

or i take paracodol (co-codamol) which kils pain stone dead, and definitely takes the edge off living.

The only cure I have ever seen is lots of sleep and lots of water in between sleeping spells.

Been drinking much longer than I am willing to admit to here and those are the only two things that work for me.

I’ve done the coffee, vitamin B, Pepto Bismol etc…you name it and the only true cure (unless you are fooling yourself) is lots of water and sleep. Water rehydrates you, sleep helps you get rid of the toxins of drinking while resting your mind.

< this from a seasoned (damnit) drinker >

Go the natural way as possible.

the easiest and safest way is just drink water while ya drinking and not get dehydrated at all

or just stay up until your sober

however if you fail to do this and your neara real mexican resturant is get a big bowl of menudo theres usually lines up to 3 hours for the stuff in some places

i mean 60 percent of los angeles county cant be wrong

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…not an option.


Agreed. Drink water and eat while drinking. Being a beer-only drinker mean lots and lots of trips to the bathroom though.

The morning after I usually go jogging which always helps make me feel better.

I find losts of water, and an Excedrin do wonders for a hangover.

Also, a glass of wine and an afternoon nap will have you feeling like a champ by dinnertime.

I agree with many of the other posters here: Keep yourself hydrated.

Do this: After a night of overindulgence, and just before going to bed, drink as much water as possible. I mean, literally stand over the sink and force feed yourself water until you can’t take in one more drop. That usually does it for me.

I’m with the “drink a buttload of water before bed” school or natural hangover cures. Last time I got unashamedly trashed, my poor brain worked well enough to force me to down a full quart of water before passing out. (Ice helps.) I had to pee like a farm animal the next morning, but I didn’t feel anywhere as bad as I usually did.

Orange or grapefruit juice seemed to help throw back some of what I’d lost, or at least improved my mood somewhat. Tastes good, too!

Yeah, a heaping bowl of bad-singing Mexican 14 year-old boyband members outta do the tric–
…or… was that not what you were referring to?

I’m of the lots-o-water sect, but with this caveat: instead of plain water, try flooding yourself with your sport drink of choice (we usually have Cytomax around). Might as well start replacing some minerals and salts ahead of time (i.e., before you barf the next morning). It also works well when you’re just plain sick with a cold or the flu.

Certainly much much water before crashing is the best bet, as we all seem to agree.

However, a less orthodox, highly controvertial remedy has worked wonders for me after the fact. I’m sure you would never be advised this from the medical community, and I might even get chastised for this, but an amphetamine and an opiate taken together will remove all ill effects of any hangover. I’m prescribed Dexedrine so I always have access to that. The speed (amphetamine) clears your head and increases your awareness, while the opiate kills all the aches and pains.

I’ve used this method about 4 times in my life and each time it worked beautifully, but don’t tell anyone I told you.


Hmmm… Speedballs as a hangover cure?
[Quadrophenia reference]
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I’m a firm believer in heavy duty hydration before hitting the rack. Wash down a multivitamin along with all that water. Smart drinkers will also have the occasional orange or cranberry juice “spacer” over the course of the night. Dehydration is a big part of the problem, especially if you’re a diabetic like me. It’s important to replenish water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C that have departed with the beer rental. As far as aftercare goes, a banana usually works for me for a start, then something greasy. Sometimes a good yack first thing is helpful, get that undigestible offal you ate at 3AM out of the system before it does further damage.


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Um, yes. I have a little experience with hangovers.

I have found the following rules apply:

  • Before bed, drink at least one 8 oz glass of water for every drink you had that night, and drop a vitamin into the mix. Keep another glass handy for in the middle of the night.

  • If you happen to awaken in the middle of the night (or morning), that’s a great time to take a couple of aspirin. Because of the reasons discussed above, I never took acetaminophen or ibuprofen. I theorize that having aspirin already dissolved in the stomach helps quickly disperse pain reliever when you wake up for real and the gastrointestinal system starts moving.

  • Breakfast-type food with Tabasco is recommended if you’re the type who can eat on a hangover, and can eat Tabasco. Tabasco seems to get the juices flowing a little faster, and that may rehydrate you quicker. If not, it’s a different type of pain to contemplate.

  • Gatorade is your friend, especially if it is diluted by about 50%. Goody’s Headache Powder isn’t bad, either, in the mornings, but it’s got caffeine in it, too, so if you’re just trying to go back to sleep, stick to aspirin.

  • Oral sex. Received, not given. The endorphins that accompany sexual release can provide temporary relief. Unfortunately, if both of you are hung over, this can be a problem. Do not have intercourse while hung over. It’s too much work.

  • Sativa, yes. Indica, no.

  • If you are a fully committed alcoholic, like I am, a beer or two can be a wonderful way to put the problem on lay-away. Who are you trying to impress, anyway?

I got so used to doing this sort of thing that after a while I guess I never really got hangovers. One of the most disappointing discoveries I’ve made since I quit drinking is that just getting up in the morning is (for me) painful and no fun, just like it always had been when I was drinking constantly. Therefore, I still follow many of the above tips, and wish like hell I could follow one in particular constantly.

How about… a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray…

Leave the booze, smoke a nice fat one. Or two.
Beats alchohol anytime, and no payback. Also goes good with Taco Bell.
That’s my opinion, anyway.
Oh, yeah. The law. :wink: