Hangovers - preventions and cures

Any suggestions? I try to make a point of eating well for lunch if I’m going out that night but that’s pretty obvious.

When I get home I try to drink as much water as I can for as long as I can and take a few multi-vitamins and aspirin. If I can remember to do that it really seems to help.

I’ve never found anything to eat or drink the next morning that helps much.

Drinking all that water before you go out, throughout the day, will do just as much good, and you won’t be drunk and sleepy, trying to guzzle water before bed. (Not that it’ll hurt to drink another glass or two when you get home, but if you’re hydrated when you go out, it has the same effect.)

Do not take aspirin when you’ve been drinking; it’s hard on your liver. Wait til the next morning. I find ibuprofen works well.

As for the next morning…Alka-Seltzer makes a hangover remedy called “Great Morning” or something like that, but I’ve never tried it. It might be worth a shot though. (No pun intended.)

Angostura bitters and soda water is an old Grandma’s remedy (for just about everything) that works for me…eight or nine dashes of bitters with about four ounces of soda water.

Now I should mention that I bartend, so we have bitters at work; if I don’t have to go to work I just sleep off a hangover, which is by far the best remedy. If I have to work, I take a shot of bitters and soda when I get there, and get some food in my stomach ASAP. Preferably something greasy.

I am not a doctor, just a drinker. This is not medical advice. I do not work for the company. Etc.

There are very few products I swear by, that I eagerly recommend by name to anyone I can. Redoxon is one. (The package looks like this: the blue one (on the left)). It’s an effervescent tablet, take it in a (big) glass of water as soon as you can, whether before bed or when you get up in the morning. The doses are low enough that you can take several capsules a day.

It is the hangover king.

It’s got B-vitamins and magnesium and some other good stuff, which I’m told are just what your body needs when it’s hung over. It’s hard to find in drugstores, since they don’t have a “hangover cure” section (and for some reason I don’t usually find it in the vitamin section, it’s sometimes with “pain relief” or “stomach upset” stuff, always on the bottom shelf - best kept secret in town!), but it’s well worth looking/asking for.

As a bonus, after you take it you pee neon orange.

I cannot recommend it enough.
If you don’t have any around, try these much less effective, but usually somewhat satisfying stand-by cures:

  • chamomile or peppermint tea to address nausea
  • Gatorade to replace your electrolytes
  • something fried for breakfast, the typical English brekkie of chips, sausages, beans & eggs fixes that empty feeling for me (although it usually sends me straight back to bed) - I only ever eat this if I’ve been drinking a lot the night before
  • Coke (cola, not cocaine) if you need to be awake
  • keep drinking water, you should have equal amounts of water and booze if possible
  • before bed drink a tablespoon (or two) in a pint glass of water

I even previewed, repeatedly.

I meant:

  • keep drinking water as much as possible, drink equal amounts water and booze while you’re drinking, but then drink more and more and more the next morning


  • before bed drink a tablespoon (or two) of white sugar, dissolved in a pint glass of water

I’ve never drank a tablespoon in water but I wouldn’t imagine it is very nice.

I try never to mix types of drinks. Kind of like leaving with the one you brought to the party, so to speak. Also, a girlfriend of mine has a saying that at least for me is totally true and very helpful (if you’re gonna mix): “Liquor before beer, never more cheer; wine before liquor, never sicker!”

And I’ll second the water thing. If you can, alternate one eight ounce glass of water for every drink. (Although I must admit, once things get rolling, you may forget, but any water’s better than none.)

Drink more water if you can remember before bed. Food never did too much for me either the next day, but ibuprofen works a treat, as they say.

Hydration is better than 88% of everything else you can do.

But…when you wake up the morning after, hurting…

Take a thick fluffy towel, run it under the hottest tap water your tap can produce (if necessary, put a pot on the stove), then lift it out (screaming “yaaa owww ooooh yeowww” as your hands burn, of course) and gently squeeze excess water out (but don’t wring it out too dry).

Then lay down and cover your head, especially from the eyeballs up, with the hot wet towel.
Alternatively, if you have a deep tub, run a deep bath, lower yourself into it; lay down in it (unless you have a fancy deluxe rich-person’s tub that means your legs and feet are up in the air to let the rest of you slide down), face up (really; this isn’t that kind of hangover solution!), and then turn the hot water back on so as to gradually increase the temp. Hang your head backwards at an angle until only your nostrils are out of the water.

Two words: Irn Bru

An astonishing drink, bright orange and very sugary. But it works a treat.

AFAIK, aspirin and alcohol (in small amounts) aren’t that bad together. You’re thinking of acetaminophin (tylenol.)

Gatorade can help, too, as you are losing electrolytes when you pee as well as water.

There’s also some product I see advertized on late night TV that claims to prevent a hangover. I forget the name, though…but the box is yellow and red. Odds are, it doesn’t do a damn thing, but if it’s not that pricey, it might be worth at least trying, righT? I mean, after all, therei s soemthing to be said for the placebo effect if noting else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drinking a large glass of milk before bed really seems to work, at least with the only thing I ever drink which is red wine. I keep hoping that someone will try this and confirm that it works for them too but, apparently, the though of milk after you’ve been drinking is more disagreable to everyone than the hangover itself.

I knew this as “Licquor before beer, have no fear, beer before liquor, never sicker.”

A relative who is a doctor and also likes his booze told me to eat an apple or another piece of fruit going to bed along with the hydration. I’ve tried it a few times and it seems to help.

I agree with water.

Also, pay attention to what you’re drinking in the first place. Stay away from Tequila, sweet drinks, and anything that tastes so good you’ll drink more than you mean to. Set up your driver and condoms before you begin drinking.

Other than that, accept the fact that you’ll have a hangover. If you’re 30 or under it’ll be gone by noon or one. If you’re 35 or older, the whole day’s shot. Decide ahead of time whether or not it’ll be worth it.

So how come in a tread on hangover cures we get Google Ads for
Acne and Ringworm cures :dubious:

If they knew anything about hangovers, they would paint the box in two of the brightest, most annoying colors available.

I’ll repeat the drink-water-with-your-booze approach. I’ve been able to wake up fine the next morning when I probably should have had a hangover because I managed to keep booze:water at about 1:1.

I’d suggest getting one of those giant liter-and-a-half bottles of water and keep it in your hand or very close to you all night. I dunno about you, but if I keep it with me, it’ll remind me to drink it. Don’t open it until you get to the bar, in case they suspect it’s full of vodka or something.


Yes, I thought that aspirin was the only pain reliever that was ok to take with alcohol.

Most good advice; most good. I’ve had success (perhaps power of suggestion) with vitamins containing a complex of B vitamins; ample hydration (which will mostly be excreted through urine, given the net+ dehydrating effect of alcohol, but still…); and proper care during the morning after. Count on sleeping or remaining in bed one hour per drink consumed, regardless of when they were consumed during the evening. It’s a 14 drink night? You’ll be slightly drunk, unrested, have profound thirst, be undernourished, low testosterone levels, and likely still be fueled by the alcohol remaining in your bloodstream after 8 hours. If you must wake up, do everything possible to pamper yourself and fool your mind into thinking you’re competent to perform normal mental and physical activities. Hot compress on the face. Fizzy water. Whatever breakfast you normally eat (a must). Clean clothes. Sunglasses. I obviously can’t recommend this to others, but I’ve had success taking diazepam orally to control an instable nervous system and the resulting tremors, neurotic paranoia, and anxiety.

Honestly, if you are in a bad way, and you must perform in a calm (not necessarily competent) manner, I’d consider either an anxiolytic or more alcohol, to stave off the symptoms of withdrawal. But, if your hangover is this bad, you’ve got far more to worry about than simply shrugging it off and flying with the eagles, all macho-like.

Some of my best friends like Gatorade – I wouldn’t touch it. It’s laden with nutrient-void calories and contains no more electrolytes than you’d be likely consuming during your ordinary meals for the day. I’d prefer not to encourage the company which produces it by buying their product, but if you enjoy the taste and need the calories, then go for it.

In addition to the dehydrating effect, alcohol makes your blood acidic. Gatorade helps with this by causing an insulin spike that will help get the acid out of there.

That’s quite interesting; I’ll have to look into this one. Certainly, anyone who drinks regularly is familiar with the … peculiar … scent of one’s urine while and after drinking. Acetic acid, I believe.

I’m not quite sure if I buy the science behind this solution, but it will be interesting to research the answer, certainly.

How about drinking enough to feel “comfortably drunk” without ever entering hangover territory? I’ve had very good luck (and very enjoyable evenings) spent “on the far side of tipsy” and been fine the next morning (along with the plenty of water advice).

Its when I move from comfortably drunk to “oh, God, I’m drunk!” that I wake up the next morning regretting it.

Hangover prevention: water. I still don’t remember why I thought this was a good idea, but I was barhopping with friends, and did Jaeger shots at each stop. Woo hoo! So drunk, so stupid. Anyway, we got back to the hotel we were staying at, and my friends made me drink the equivalent of six of the big bottles of water. (At one point, I apparently accused them of trying to drown me.) I didn’t sleep well (had to keep getting up) but I was not hungover the next morning.

Cures: I swear by V8. It’s the main thing that calms my system when I’m hungover. Maybe it’s all the salt. Ditto the big, greasy breakfast thing.

Truth is, there is no cure but time. V8 makes you feel better, though, while you’re waiting for time to cure you.