hangover cure?

Has anyone come across a home remedy or any other mean of curing a hangover? I suppose the cause of a hangover is dehydration, so could a pill be made to “superhydrate” yourself?

There’s a stack of so-called remedies in this Google search.

I would have thought, however, that the best way to rehydrate yourself would be to … drink water?

A little bit more booze and more water does the trick for me :wink:

I’ll swear by a bottle of Gatorade and a couple of cookies. Not perfect, but it makes me feel better.

Strong coffee and lots of water. Gives me a bit of a buzz but it helps until I can get a banana (from potasium replenishment) into me. If not, a bit of chocolate a little at a time until I can stomach the banana. Good luck!

Thanks Zagadka, a little water and alot more booze does the trick! (Sorry if I double post tomorrow) :wink: .

I always use a preemptive strike. Before bed, after I’ve celebrated too much, I drink a large glass of water and take 3 or 4 strong tylenols. It never fails. If I forget to do this, I do it when I wake up, and it works, to a lesser extent.


The traditional cure is “the hair of the dog that bit you.”

The only thing that remotely works is drinking a lot of water the night before. Hangovers are hard to study because they aren’t reliable – I can drink like a fish one night and not have any hangover the next day, but on another occasion I’ll feel horrible for the entire day after. All sorts of things have been blamed as the cause for hangover, leading to all sorts of pseudoscience amongst drinkers on what you should or shouldn’t do while drinking. (The old “beer before liquor” things, the belief that certain beverages affect you in different ways, etc.).

But yeah, I always try to drink a nice quantity of water before bed, and at the very least it helps to rehydrate you.

Drink a quart or two of water before going to bed. This almost invariably works for me.

I’ve always thought that drinking Pedialyte would help, since it replaces electrolites in the same way that Gatorade does, but without the sugar which takes away from rehydration. Has anyone ever tried it?

A Big Mac and chocolate milk are my favourite cure.

careful with the water strategy. drinking lots of water before before going to bed drunk has produced a piss-soaked bed on more than one occasion.

LOL, yep been there. :mad:

tylenol has as its main ingredient acetaminophen which, when combined with alcohol, can be very very liver toxic.

This isnt’ meant as a flame or anything, but you should really reallly reallly switch to taking aspirin instead of tylenol.

Forgo the booze and smoke a joint or two. If you live in a place where doing such a thing is legal, of course. Works everytime. :wink:

The guys from Pantera do this all the time. When it comes to drinking, these guys know that they’re talking about.

Some good advice in this thread.

IIRC, the hangover is not directly caused by dehydration alone. The pain in your head is caused by the poisons and toxins in the alcohol. There are some drinks which will give you a worse hangover than others. For example, vodka is much less likely to give you a hangover than, dark rum for instance.

Drink plenty of water before going to bed, this is the best advice I can give you, as it really does work. The only downside is that you will wake up busting for a pee!

it’s all about drinking A CRAPLOAD of water right before you get to bed. fruit juice also. i have never had a hangover in my life because i do these things every time.

also, don’t go very long without eating either. eat before sleep too, even if you gotta cram it down. it’s worth it.

the unpleasantness from a hangover is from dehydration and the aftereffects of the digetion of the alcohol (interesting aside: intoxication is actually a result of the presence the ester formed by the first step of digestion of the alcohol). Anyway, the best cure is to remain well hydrated during and after drinking. I had literally no hangover after drink a fifth of vodka on my when I had 20 ounces of gatorade at the same time. Another tip is to avoid dark spirits. Vodka and rum will mess you up much less than something like whiskey or tequila.

Finally, the part you probably want to know the most about, the morning after: electrolytes and vitamins are your friends. I recommend fresh cranberry or orange juice. Tarty juices tend to be better as the acidity is usually from vitamin C and (IIRC) helps to catalyze the breakdown of the hangover-inducing chemicals. So orange juice and cranberry juice are good choices to help rehydrate you. Also, bananas are good because they’re high in potassium to rebuild your eloctrolyte balance. But most of all, your best friend is good old H2O and bed rest. Get plenty of water and sleep in and you’ll probably be able to skip the worst parts of the hangover.

Also, there’s some merit to the “bit the fur” method, sice the extra alcohol will probably get you slightly buzzed and not caring about the hangover symptons during their strongest period.

oops. where I said ester, I meant aldehyde. Acetaldehyde, to be specific.