Hangover remedy: I want the straight dope about some dope.

I saw an ad for this somewhere. Needless to say, the ad would have you believe it’s extemely effective. How 'bout some real-life, first hand opinions?

I’m under the impression that hangovers are largely caused by dehydration, not “toxins.”

very true.

If you are of the right mind…the best hang over remedy is a quart of water before you go to bed…or better a half hour before you go to bed so you can flush a little before bed. If not, when you wake, drink as much water as you possibly can.


I once tried an experiment where I had wine - water - wine - water . . . and noticed no difference the next day. I would have tried it with beer but it sounds too nasty.


After I’d had too much booze to stand, my friends kept giving me water to drink. No hangover the next moring and I’d drank a LOT.