Hap-Hap-Happy Book Titles Wanted-About 2 German Serial Killers. Not actually happy.

Peter Kurten & Fritz Haarman.

Not nice men.

Kurten was a maniac & a real-life vampire.

Haarman was a cannibal that sold the excess meat from his victims to unsuspecting Germans.

I would like some book titles on these happy-go-lucky gents.

Hey, Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor

I’m confused, and maybe others are as well. Do you mean:

A) You wrote a book on thsoe two and want suggestions on a decent title?
B) You are looking for hap-hap-happy funny suppoesed titles that would be humorous if anyone was so warped as to use them as the title for a book?
C) You’re looking for recommendations on books to read about these two?
D) Completely unnecessary “Hi, Opal!” just for good measure

I don’t see anything in English on Kurten specifically, but there’s Leben und Wirken des Peter Kürten, genannt der Vampir von Düsseldorf.

As for Haarman, there’s Haarmann: Die Geschichte e. Werwolfs.

There’s also a book titled Monsters of the Weimar, which has a page at Amazon claiming it was written by Haarman and Kurten, but doesn’t give any content info. Sounds fishy, but worth pursuing.

While not specifically about those two, Michael Newton’s Encyclopedia of Serial Killers gives both a few pages each.

After a little more searching, Monsters of the Weimar, while expensive, seems like what you’re looking for.

C, please.