Happiness is.....

a warm cup of coffee…

…two kinds of ice cream, finding a skate key, telling the time…

Oh, wait…these were supposed to be original? :smiley:


a warm gun.

bang, bang, shoot, shoot.
counting the time before someone accuses me of encouraging school shootings.

Puppy toes! The pink squishy kind.

… a genuine smile directed at you.

… a cup of strong coffee on a lazy morning.

… any sunrise.

… any sunset.

… a large-eared puppy tripping over its ears.

… a warm body in bed next to you as you drift towards sleep.

. . .lounging on a comfortable couch and watching tv while someone else goes out to work to support you and a housekeeper does all the housework.

As if that’ll ever happen.

… a word that my dictionary doesn’t give an definition for. It only mentions it as a subset of Happy.

… a day long picnic at the botanical gardens.

… waking up to the alarm clock and then remembering it’s saturday.

… a diet coke that is chilled to the point that it has small ice crystals suspending within it.

… is driving cross-country with your dad.

… is Cecil finally deciding to say hello, or just acknowledging my presence in any way.

… a warm cable modem and acres of HD space.

… a wife who loves you, no matter how weird you get.