Happy 35th birthday, internet

In a couple days, actually, Sept 2.

I’m just a few months older than the internet. If I live to be an old man, that’s what will make me sound and feel really old. Like today when you hear about a person born a few months before the Ford Model-T rolled off the assembly line.

Happy Birthday, internet! Here. I got you some porn.

And don’t you think it’s high time you started marrying technology your own age?

Me too!

June 11, 1969.

Cripes, I know I’ll be getting old when one of my accounts on another server gets to be ten years old. But feh! It’s got nothing on SkyNET. At least SkyNET became self-aware minutes after they turned on the switch. . . Have you? I think not. . . :dubious:

That whole nuclear holocaust thing was just a minor misunderstanding.

Is Al Gore going to be at the celebration?

Me three!!

June 18, 1969.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Internet - you’ve done things for me I never thought any machine could ever do :smiley: