Happy 50th birthyear, Doper class of '63!

Yeah, that’s right I’m talking to you, applebetty, artemis, Batsinma Belfry, beagledave, Blue Mood, Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor, brujaja, Count Blucher, crowmanyclouds, Doctor Jackson, dwyr, Ellen Cherry, Fiddle Peghead, gravitycrash, GythaOgg, hajario, Icerigger, Ice Wolf, Jumpbass, lawoot, limegreen, lobotomyboy63, Lord Mondegreen, Maserschmidt, missred, Nametag, Nars Glinley, NoClueBoy, Noone Special, Perciful, Sam Stone, scootergirl, Soul Brother Number Two, Sunspace, Telemark, the_diego, Wallflower, WordMan, YaWanna, and Yeticus Rex*!

Sure some of you actually hit 50 earlier this year, and sure it’s still months away for some of you, and sure some of us are a few days away :), but whatever the case, have a lovely 50th celebration!


  • thanks to Zeldar for compiling the list!

Thank you, Maserschmidt. Happy 50th to you, too.

I’m planning a big party in September. I’m inviting just about everyone I know, which includes an awful lot of fellow musicians. We’re gonna have a big music jam party!

I also have a six liter bottle of 1991 Sterling Reserve (a Bordeaux blend) that I’ve been saving. About time I pop it open. I hope it’s still good. It’s been well stored.

Hey, where am I? I know I’ve mentioned my birth year many times on the board.

At least I’m in good company. I am only comforted by the fact that I am younger than all or almost all of you. My turn is at the end of December.


I expect a shiny nickel from each of you. Should buy a nice steak dinner!

I was going to have a luxe party, but instead will be celebrating by going to my favourite place at my favourite time of year - Maine in October.

Happy 50th to my fellow dopers. I hope you’re coping better than I am - this one has thrown me for a loop! (I liked turning 30, and didn’t mind turning 40, but now feel officially middle-aged.)

Can’t say I am really - a little freaked out. I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do in November - feels like it should be something special.

Or maybe I’ll just get drunk.

I graduated high school the year you guys were born. And no, I’m not going to the reunion.

Zeldar started a compilation thread on this, I worked with what I had!

:rolleyes: Kids today, all full of schadenfreude. The moral decay started with your generation!

50 is great, celebrate! When we were kids, someone making it to 62 or 63 years old was considered pretty decent…now 75 or 80 feels that way. Plenty of runway left, I think.

I feel the same way too. 40 was a breeze; heck, I was still reproducing. Now, too much gray hair, too many wrinkles. I still don’t really feel old, so I guess that’s a good thing. LET’S PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999!

Wait. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birth Year ya bunch of Whippersnappers! :smiley:

~swampbear (who will celebrate the big 60 in 2014)

Thank you and Happy Birthday To You, too. To celebrate I will stop coloring my hair, and bring treats to work. Mine is on a Friday, so I may hit the beach on the weekend.

My birthday is on Christmas, so I’m usually too busy cooking for the various family gatherings and organizing presents to celebrate. Maybe after this year, I’ll stop having birthdays.

Thanks? I’ll probably do what I usually do on my birthday.


Count me in among you all. Going to have a big jam party just like Jumpbass in about a month and a half. Don’t care that much about the birthday, but I always love a good jam. This is a good excuse.

Oh yeah, this thread reminds me: this is a special year for some of us!

We played 50 hands of bridge to celebrate. AARP, here I come!

You’re officially the youngest of the group so far. You have me barely beat.

Get off my lawn!

kferr class of '62

kferr said:

Nyah nyah, ya old geezer!


Thanks, and back at ya! It’s a good/bad kinda thing - young enough to still be the shortstop on my softball team, but old enough to have to wear a custom knee brace during the games.