Happy 60th India!

Of couse it is actually much older, but India gained independance today (or is it tomorrow? darn time zones)

Happy birthday India!


And Pakistan…

I made Happy Birthday pakoras for India’s birthday but I didn’t give her any :stuck_out_tongue:

Just call any help/customer service line, and you can tell someone there in person.

I did tell my Indian coworkers :slight_smile:

On behalf of a billion or so people:

We are being very much thankful for your kind wishes on this joyous occasion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, this is pretty cool!!

Well, I’m not there, but I’ll say thanks! For remembering us!

I’ll weigh in on the good wishes here. India is a truly beautiful place … well, at least the bits I’ve seen (mostly in Madhya Pradesh) … and the people were downright amazing.

Happy Birthday, India. I hope to see you again some day; even if that never happens, you will always have a unique place in my heart and soul.

I am hoping to travel to India someday. I was actually hoping to do that this summer but it didn’t happen. Next summer is now my goal. I think it would be an amazing experience. Happy Birthday India!!