Happy Anniversary Sikhote-Alin!

It was 75 years ago today (February 12th, 1947) that a piece of iron fell in Siberia.

No large or impressive examples in my collection, unfortunately. My biggest is 41 grams.

Great. Happy Anniversary, rock from space. Mind you, existing for billions of years only to slam into a planet that inconveniently happened to wander into your path - that’s not an occasion I’d necessarily want to mark on my calendar as a night to remember. But who am I to carp?

Barnacle Bill, that’s who, and if I sound bitter, it’s because I’m that rock on Mars that learned the hard way what a bunch of Fickle Frannies you members of the human species are. Discovered by one of your Mars Rovers, plastered on the front pages of fishwrap tabloids for a few days, then shoved down the memory hole because some newer shinier object nabbed your miniscule attention span - what was it anyway, did someone train a dog to fart Yankee Doodle? - great, put him on Letterman - Barnacle Bill, what’s that? At least this asteroid or meteor or whatever gets an anniversary though that plus $1.50 will buy you a small regular at Dunkie’s.

I guess I have only myself to blame, sitting on a dessicated lakebed for eons, somehow expecting anything you lot do to matter one jot and half a tittle. Mea Culpa - that’s Latin for I’m the Goat; I hope this little display of helpless, hopeless despair gave you a chuckle. Sikhole-Alin, as you are now, once was I - look upon me and weep, ya poor soak! At least someone remembers, even if it’s just some guy named Darren on a dying message board. I bear you no ill; just do me a kindness and tell 'em old Bill said hi and if anyone wants to come by, pick me up and put me in a museum, I’d be okay with that. Otherwise bite me.

Well, we tried to engage with you but you declined the offer :

I tried to engage, you thought it was a golden opporunity to exploit. No thank you.

My main concern these days is to warn other rocks about you guys; our agendas would seem to be at odds to put it kindly. (And what do we rocks want? “Leave us alone!”, how does that sound? Think you could try to remember that?)

Engage/exploit - potato/potato.
Anyway, we’re done with mars, we’ve got a new toy now.