The "Siberian Event" of 1947

I read that in this century, there have been only two (cosmic) events that would have destroyed a city, and that both of them occurred in Siberia.

One is the well-known “Tunguska Event” of 1908.

Another one occurred in 1947.

I had never heard of that one–has anyone else???


How could you claim something happened in 1947 and at the same time state that you never heard of it? Details are in order, bub.

I think that the Communist brainwashing techniques are beginning to lose their grip on his mind–the memories are beginning to come to the surface!

I think it depends on how you could define ‘a city-destroying cosmic event’ as there have been MULTIPLE instances where NORAD has seen a meteor and believed it for a moment to be a nuclear or non-nuclear missile. Thankfully, their detection of such things is getting pretty good, but that still didn’t stop them from getting a bit rattled when a meteor did an air-burst over one of the oceans during desert storm.

Hey, give me a break.

I read about it last night in a book written by the smartest man of all time–Isaac Asimov.

But it was just a passing reference–no details.

Come to think of it… are you sure it was 1947 and not 1945? Ol’ Izzie Asimov could’ve been waxing poetic about Hiroshima…


“Drink your coffee! Remember, there are people sleeping in China.”

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Oh, just for fun… This guy manages to link the Sikhote-Alin meteroite, the Tunguska event, the “Roswell Incindent” and about a dozen other things together.