Happy Birthday, Barbara Feldon

Two days late, but Happy 90th Birthday to Barbara Feldon!

Two days late? Missed it by that much.

Wow! Didn’t know she was still with us. She was smart, sexy, and cool playing 99 in Get Smart. She is not a sole survivor from the show. Bernie Kopell who played Siegfried is still with us, as are other recurring characters.

You win the thread.

She was Sam’s Valentine in an episode of Cheers. She was still pretty hot at age 57.

Barbara Feldon? She’s my second-favorite actress of all time!


Also on an episode of Mad About You she played an actress who once had the role of ‘Spy Girl’. That was a couple of years after her appearance on Cheers, followed by her appearance in a Get Smart reboot.

So, you think that 99 may make 99? I hope so at least.

I had such a crush on her back in the 60’s. Her and Diana Rigg.

@Qadgop_the_Mercotan Same here; along with Betty Aberlin from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Feldon and Rigg were my first celebrity crushes.

Oh Max!

Back when I was like 4 or 5 I crushed on Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 and Tina Louise as Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. In fact I remember thinking they were the same person.

I crushed on on Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) because she reminded me of Diana Rigg and Barbara Feldon. I had a weakness for brunettes (and married one).

I do have the entire “Get Smart” TV series on DVD. Time to revisit the show!

No comment.


For non-GS roles, my fave is the beauty pageant runner in the 1975 movie Smile.

I love that movie.

It just dawned on me that she was also in a pre-GS episode of The Man from UNCLE. I remember liking this one in particular because her character was a translator in the organization’s Portuguese division.

It was also where I learned what a “humidor” is. :slight_smile:

Mmmmmmmmmmmm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here we go…