Happy Birthday, Bugs!

Today is Bugs Bunny’s 75th birthday!

More to the point, it’s the 75th anniversary of the premiere of the first “real” Bugs Bunny cartoon, “A Wild Hare.” There had been a rabbit in Warner Brothers cartoons before this, in “Porky’s Hare Hunt”, “Presto Change-O”, and (with coloring closer to “our” Bugs) “Hare-Um Scare-Um” and “Elmer’s Candid Camera.” But though this rabbit came to look more like the Bugs we know and love, the personality was quite different–wackier, more flamboyant, more like Daffy Duck in a rabbit suit. (The REALLY daffy Daffy of the early days, not the self-centered guy he became.)

Then “A Wild Hare” premiered, with many of the tropes we came to identify with Bugs… “Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits!” The cool, streetwise self-possession and the Brooklyn accent. “Eh (munch munch), what’s up, Doc?” The use of brains rather than wackiness to put one over on an adversary. The faked death, and Elmer’s remorse at the same. The REAL Bugs Bunny had been born, and there was no stopping him!

(It’s interesting to note that pretty much every one of these tropes was Wagner-ized in Bugs’ magnum opus, “What’s Opera, Doc.” Pretty much the only one of them that DIDN’T show up in AWH was Bugs’ cross-dressing to fool his pursuer!)

I’m rather surprised that WB hasn’t been making more of this. I’ve heard no fanfare at all! (I showed a marathon at my library today, but something was wrong with the DVD another library shipped me, and I couldn’t include “A Wild Hare” in it.)

Enjoy Bugs’ debut in his honor!

Kill the wabbit!

Of course, you realize this means war.

It’s rabbit season!

What a maroon!

I must say, Bugs brought me a lot of Saturday morning happiness as a kid. And I still like the little guy to this day!

Pronoun trouble?

My all-time favorite, extremely non-PC line: “Has you got … dice?!?” :cool:

My old Teemings article, The Persistence of Bugs Bunny


Wait 'til I get that wabbit!

“Monsters are such innnnnnn-teresting people!”

Oh, mighty warrior of great fighting stock, might I inquire to ask, “what’s up, Doc?”

And just think what might have been if Bugs had taken that left turn at Albuquerque…

AFI is showing some Bugs cartoons on the big screen on Sauturday. I may just have to go; except for Space Jam I’ve never seen The Bunny on the big screen.

Can’t you see that I’m much sweetuh,
I’m your little senoriter."

If there’s one thing us rabbits can do, it’s multiply.

-Bugs, after successfully winning a radio contest by multiplying two large numbers

What a tah-rah-rah-GOON-dee-ay!

What an im-BESS-ile!

Kill the wabbit?

Whaddddya want with a wabbit?

We’re over here, in case anyone is interested in thread gaming.