Happy Birthday, BunnyGirl!

I read it on the internet. It must be true.

Happy Birthday! Come back!

Happy Birthday, Bunny.

I hope this year finds you healthy and happy. We missed your cordial at OhDope, missed you, too.

Take care, M.

I hear all the nicest people are born in November…

Happy Birthday, Bunny!

after all the emails we’ve exchanged e’en today and this is how I find out about it!!!

Happy b’day, B-Girl :smiley:

Happy birthday!

Happy Bday, Bunny. Missed you at OhDope.

Happy birthday, Bunny! Come back soon; we miss you!

Happy Birthday Bunnygirl!! See you at ChickDope!! (only one week away!!)

Happy B-day, BunnyCakes! I’ll save the spankings for a later date.

Happy Birthday!!1 Maybe the C.Crisp can be like a cake if it gets there on time… :smiley:
<aside: Anyone else feel compelled to sing “You look like a monkey, And you act like one too” whenever you hear the birthday song? Nothing to do with Bunny, of course!! )

Yeah, I heard that too…:wink:

Happy B-Day, BunnyGirl!

Bunny Bunny Bunny! I loves me some BunnyGirl! I canNOT wait until ChickDope! Happy birthday sweetie!

[sub]Was that enough exclamtion points, or should I have thrown in a few more?[/sub]

wring, same here!

Happy Birthday, Bunster! I am SO going to kick your fluffy little tail for not telling me…:wink:

adds his few moments of worship at the altar of BunnyGirl

Happy birthday, beautiful.

Happy Birthday!
You’re my birthday-month buddy. Scorpios kick ass!

You’re one of my favorite people around here :slight_smile: