BunnyGirl does anal...

…ysis of many things, one of which is music. But that’s not important, what is is this:

BunnyGirl, our favorite easily-hypnotized veteran bug-writer is turning 3000.

She’s given us such gems as Garp and chemically-induced whiskey-dick, furnishing your palace made simple and things she won’t put in her mouth. She’s also been good enough to keep track of legal-age Doperettes and show herself in pictures (more than once.)

If only it weren’t for her position on matrimonial submission, she might really be a catch (and if only for the fact that she is already a snared Bunny.)

Well, she has offered to host the next Michigan Dopalooza and she is my Minister of Affairs, so I guess she’s a good egg, after all.

Let’s hear it for her!

[sub]I’m gonna be in so much trouble this weekend, but it was worth it![/sub]

Looking forward to meeting you Saturday at ChiDope, BunnyGirl. I would congratulate on your 3000 posts, but … well… I don’t do post parties.

[sub]Happy 3000[/sub]



I thought I had a reason to get up today.

I hopped back into MPSIMS and saw the name of this thread and about freaked.

You are so, so SO in trouble this weekend, Snowman! The problem is, I think you’ll like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy 3000 to me!

I saw the thread title and I knew it was a tease, but there was BunnyGirl and I thought I’d drop in to say “Huzzah!”. Not for her post count, because post parties are just [whiney baby voice] stoooo-pid[/whiney baby voice]. Just because it’s BunnyGirl.

And I’m trying to get all the cool kids to say “Huzzah” when they’re happy and “Jake” for OK. Be a cool kid. Wouldn’t that be Jake? Huzzah!

As BunnyGirl was one those who welcomed me during my recent newbieness, it’s my pleasure to offer a thanKYou and congratulations. Err, sorry, the thread title impaired my judgement:D.

It seems like only a few days ago that BunnyGirl used one of her posts to give me a :smiley: to a compliment on her Marvin the Martian impression given in a Pepe Le Pu voice. Oh wait, it was a few days ago. Anyway, happy almost 3K, BunnyGirl and keep on bouncing.

Wow, think, I bet BunnyGirl is hopping mad! I mean, you made her hare stand on end! If I were you, I’d tuck tail and run…

Congrats, Bunny!

[sub]Bunny, if I were you, I’d consider starting a thread along the lines of “Thinksnow offers practical, experienced advice for removing sharp, pointy farm implements from bodily orifices”. Just a suggestion.[/sub]

I just wanted to point out that here it is, one hour after it’s debut and this thread has gotten 160 views (but only 8, counting this one, posts.) It’s all about the title, baby. Everyone is interested in Bunny.

[sub](Surely it’s not the hyphenated word, right? That was a typo.)[/sub]

Hi there, BunnyCutie. Happy stuff to you.

Hell, no. I thought you finally were getting her to do you, thinks.

Congratulations, Bunny.

From the Doper who, in a previous incarnation, brought you


May you continue to grace us with your presence, your wit and… whatever else you want to grace us with.

He wishes! Actually, I…no never mind. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

omni-not, I completely forgot about that thread - you’re sweet as sugar.

Congrats BG - and if you knew how adly the ‘b’ key was sticking on my keyoard, you’d really appreciate how adly I wanted to post something nice aout you.


(still trying to do the ruerstamping gig w/Persephone/Cranky & whoever is around)

(and I can also send you to a link of that one singer’s gigs - he’s doing some ‘adult’ content ones soon)

Damn it, I was completely expecting something different in here. Video clips, or at least pictures. I am soooo disapointed. I feel used.

I kinda like it. :rolleyes:

My first thought when I opened this thread was “Hey, I thought ChiDope wasn’t until next weekend!”


Congrats to one of the nicest closet wackos I know! :smiley:

Hey, I resemble that remark! :smiley:

Thanks, Pers, I was waiting to see if you’d post here and what kind of deviant verbage I’d be exposed to!

Happy 3000 and all that other good stuff, Bunny!

Happy 3000, Bunny! We’ll drink to your impressive post count at OhDope and (hopefully) at MichiDope-a-Rama-Fest-a-Palooza, which is what I’ve taken to calling that Christmas greed party I’ll be hosting this year. Not that that was a plug in this wonderful thread, which is dedicated to the lovely BunnyGirl and her post count. Oh no.

Have a wonderful day, Bunny!

Good for you. ::tries to think of a way to do a rabbit-eared smiley and fails::