1000th post. Today I am a man!

Yup. This is officially my 1000th post.

So now what do I do?

Do people still celebrate these things?

Is there a ceremony?

Do I get to be part of the clique now?

How am I doing so far?

[sub] I knew I shoulda prepared a speech. :frowning: [/sub]

Congrats Bumbazine
But does this mean when I get to 1000 posts I become a man? But I like being a girl.

Way to go, Bumbazine!

I’m hoping to be a man soon, too.

[sub]‘Course, I’d be one already except for the dang board crash…grumble, grumble…400 posts down the friggin’ crapper!..rassafrassin…[/sub]

Er, yeah, anyway, congrats!

Hey, I agree with eirroc… when I get to 1000 posts, I’d like to be considered a woman! You know, because I like being a woman! (well, most of the time, anyways)

Happy 1000, Bumbazine! Congratulations to you! :slight_smile:

Bumbazine, darlin’, don’t sell yourself short! You’ve always been all man to me! Always, as in ever since you answered the first e-mail I sent ya. Congrats on crossing the 4-digit barrier! Keep 'em coming, you sweet thing you!


Congrats to my favorite Oregonian!

[sub]Drags the hot tub off the truck and sets it up in Bumbazine’s back yard, unfolds the massage table and sets up the assorted massage oils next to it, throws the guest of honor IN the hot tub and brings him a bloody mary…extra spicy. With a pickled asparagus spear no less.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah…[/sub]

::SMOOCH and huggles::

Much Love,


eirroc, I like you being a girl too! :wink:

Ferrous, patience my son, patience. All things come to he who waits, except Scotch eggs, we need to go and get those! :slight_smile:

Flamsterette_X, I already consider you a woman, in fact, I’d consider you a Goddess, except that position is already taken. Would you settle for Sex Symbol[sup]TM[/sup] instead?

FairyChatMom!, Mon petite chou! (Which literally means “my little cabbage” in French. Trust the French to make cabbage sound sexy.) Not that I think you’re a cabbage or anything, or any other kind of leafy green vegetable. (Unless you want to be, of course.) I just thought it sounded like an exotic kind of compliment, and I’m sure you get so many of the regular kind that you’re probably bored with them. In fact, I’ll bet the ennui is really thick at your place. It was thick here too, but the weather cleared up and I was finally able to mow.
(I answered you last e-mail didn’t I?)

OMG! Scotti’s here! A smooch and a hug from you has made my life complete, Dear Heart. The hot tub and the Bloody Mary pale to insignificence in comparison. (Not that you’re gonna get me out of here.):smiley: Pickled asparagus? That’s style.

Belated congrats to a fellow Orygun native and scotch egg fan. I would host a microbrew in your honor if there were one in the house at the moment.

Sheeh! I ain’t even to 500 yet. Sigh…new job responsibilities and a second job on top of that leave me with dang near no time to be Dopin’ and I miss it much.

Happy 1K!

Good for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you did. I kinda owe you an answer back… I’m so ashamed to neglect my correspondence. I don’t deserve a friend like you!!
<weeping and wailing>
I’ll write back soon - I promise!! Really! I’m not kidding!!!

Hey wait Josie! (You know how FairyChatMom is Snickers to me? And Francesca is Puddin’? Scotticher is Josie.) I didn’t get a hot tub or a massage. Look at them numbers. Waaaaay over 1000! (But asperagas doesn’t go in drinks. Just so’s you know.)

Oh yeah, good for you Bumb.

I am a man 4 times over.

You’d think I’d get a lot more respect around here.

or smaller boobs, at the very least.

Hometownboy, I have some Black Butte Porters in the fridge out back. :wink: And don’t worry about our relative post counts, you have a life after all.

Gunslinger: Thanks pardner :stuck_out_tongue:

FairyChatMom, never mind the weeping and wailing and get to the rending of garments wouldja? [sub] (priorities, priorities.)[/sub]

Rue, Yeah, well there’s funny and then there’s sexy, and you sir, are a very funny man. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.
(You know I’m joking, right? I know you must have been sexy at least twice. You didn’t get Soupo and Katcha by mail order now did ya? It’s just that getting thrown into a hot tub by a sexy redhead gives a guy a swelled head, donchaknow?)

Cranky, I respect you. I’d respect you in the morning too. And your boobs are just fine the way they are, Dear.
I don’t know what to make of that “man four times over” business since I know you ain’t. Have you had a man over four times? Have you been all over four men? Enquiring minds want to know.

[sub](Apropos of nothing: )[/sub] I just figured out what that little check mark at the bottom of everybody’s post does! Now if I just knew what to do about it. :confused:

We should all sacrifice a scotch egg in your honor. I haven’t made one at home for a couple of months, but am thinking of having one soon.

(I actually cracked the 1000 post barrier once already, but the Winter of Missed Content[sup]TM[/sup] erased quite a few of my posts, so I’m looking forward to reaching milestone again.

Rending of garments? I always thought it was renting of garments - tho what a prom tuxedo has to do with anything escapes me…


Ferrous, I hears ya. I lost 530 posts due to that hacker …


But congrats still, Bumbazine

Congratulations ** Bumbazine! ** Someday I’ll catch up to ya’ :slight_smile: And someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds…

Hey, the way I see it, me and Ferrous and Gorgon Heap get to be men twice! It’s like being a born-again virgin!.

Hmm, there’s definitely a preponderance of Cascadia folks in here. Doperfest anytime soon?

Well, geez, Barbarian…if I’d known you were a local I’d probably have been a bit more…um, civil in that other thread…::sheepish grin::

Yeah, I’d be up for a get-together, but I ain’t gonna try to organize it this time. The last one I attempted was a resounding failure.

I hear you Atreyu, Scotch eggs are good for the soul. Maybe another Portadope soon? BTW, Portland Brewing Co. also serves Scotch eggs at their restaurant on NW 31st, but they aren’t as good.

FCM, weeping and wailing and renting of garments sounds like a little theatre production of a Tennessee Williams play. (Oh, the humanity!) :eek:

Thanks Og, I mean Gordon.

dreamer: …are far behiiiinnnnd me.
At the rate I post, it probably shouldn’t take you all that long.