1000th post. Today I am a man!

I feel im a boy among gods. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez, I must have been sitting on that post a long time. (Hi Barbarian) You guys snuck in under my radar.

Another drun…errr social gathering sounds good to me, but my list of area Dopers isn’t current. We should start a thread to solicit a new list.

Hi Solomon7t, thanks for dropping by.
(I’ve been sitting on this post a long time, too. I am at work you know, and sometimes they want me to, you know, work.)

Congrats, Bumbazine! A few celebratory poems for you:

The meaning of the morning
'Midst the moaning of the moon
Bespeaks a specious speck of speech
That quarters past the noon

Where is my darlin’,
My Betty Blue-Eye?
Always a-snarlin’
And fightin’ with pie

Oh, I may be your cup of tea
But baby, don’t you “sugar” me!
Don’t stir me, boy, nor try to spoon
Don’t sugar me, 'cause us is throon!

You get a message from me, that I wish I was more like you…:slight_smile:

No one really notices me around here, do they? :wink:

Here’s some more poetry for you, Bumbazine:

1000 posts! What a milestone!
Could this be the start or continuation
Of something new and exciting?
Perhaps a spark of interest…

A spark to be charged with delight and giddiness
To take off in this world of gloom and doom
Perhaps to make the world be
At least a little better

True, it may not change things
On a grand epic scale
But if it changes the little things
Then that is what matters most

A spark to dance in the moonlight
That will shine on your life’s path fair
And that will give you inspiration
Yea, that and hope anon

Ah, the wonderful potential of this spark
It will light a fire within you
To be able to appreciate the good things
In your life, and that of others

(scansion and meter probably way off; no rhyming at all; but that’s the best I can do off the top of my head)

And as for the postion of Sex Symbol[sup]TM[/sup], I am feeling undecidedly sexy right now, unfortunately. :frowning: But you can dream all you want, I guess! :wink: I’ll get back to you on that, though. :slight_smile:

But Alan darling…When you got to 1000 I didn’t know you well enough to throw you in a hot tub. Just wait until 1500…I’ll throw you a party that’ll knock yer socks off! With hot tubs, massage tables, hors d’oerves and [sub]if you are REALLY good[/sub] a rubber chicken. I promise. And I’ll make sure your socks get knocked off beFORE I throw you in the tub…you’d look pretty funny in a hot tub with your socks on. Especially those ones with the little bows and arrows and bags of gold on them. I might even arrange for a dunk tank with the Sheriff of Nottingham in the hot seat. [sub]Timothy Dalton Timothy Dalton Timothy Dalton[/sub]

And it does if it is pickled. :slight_smile:


Much Love,


and another ::smooch:: for Bumbazine, too…for forgiving me for this hijack.

Hi Pugluvr! How are you my friend? Thank you for making me get out my Walt Kelly again.

There’s a Star in the wind, and the wind winds high,
Blowing alight thru fog, thru night.
Thru cold, thru cold and the bitter alone…
There high in the wind rides a Star, my own…
And the Star is a word…of white, of white…
And the star in the wind is a Word.

You know handy, sometimes I wish I was more like me, but I wouldn’t wish that fate on you. Be well.

Flamsterette_X, that was wonderful. Thank you. (You do realize that we’re cheating and quoting Walt Kelly don’t you? I have no discernable talent at poetry myself, though I suspect Pugluvr does.)
Here’s another Walt Kelly poem:
Have you ever, while pondering the ways of the morn,
Thought to save just a bit, just a drop in the horn,
To pour in the evening or late afternoon
Or during the night when we’re shining the moon?
Have you ever cried out, while counting the snow,
Or watching the tomtit warble hello…
“Break out the cigars, this life is for squirrels;
We’re off to the drugstore to whistle at girls”*

Two smooches from Scotti! I’m swooning.
You’re forgiven Dear. (Just as long as I get invited to Rue’s party.)

Of COURSE you will be invited to Rue’s party. I always invite all my friends to my parties, even if they don’t like each other, which I know is not the case in this instance. And somehow, everyone seems to get along just fine. I’m not sure just why, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that if someone is unkind to someone I care about I will become sad, thereby making (unintentianally) sad eyes…nah, most likely it is that “Scotti will speak severely to you” thing…or maybe people are just afraid that I will cry and they don’t want to DEAL with it. :slight_smile:

Or maybe it is because I although I have a LOOOONNNGG fuse, if you diss my friends I get to the end of that fuse REALLY fast and trust me…long fuse, BIG bang. Trust me. I speak the truth.

I forgive well and easily, though. Well, enough about me.

Wanna dance now?

Oops. My bad.
Atreyu gets to be a man again before any of us, judging by his count.

Well I would have been a man, cept for some lil hacker decided against that. I lost 900 posts :::sob::: :::sob:::