Post #1000: Hooray!

Well, here it is. I’m a four-digit poster, and I’ve managed to do it without developing any discernible persona (which, incidentally, fits me to a T in real life, too!)

After 1000 posts, I feel it’s time to invite some commentary from the teeming millions as to how I could improve the next thousand. (“Get the hell off the boards!” is a perfectly valid, if trite, option.)

I’m gonna go bake a cake now!

How to improve your posting style, 101

Have your next post party in MPSIMS. There you’ll find the real party animals. They might bring beer and nekkid wimmins to the bash too…


I heard there were nekkid wimmins here, but I guess I’m just early.

  • opens can of beer

  • takes the big, cozy armchair

Congrats, RickJ.

You wasted your 1000th post!

Congrats! I only wasted my 304th!


I’m sorry, but IMHO is not zoned for Post Parties.
We have reserved a space for your party over in MPSIMS, however. Just show the receptionist your hand stamp from this party, and she’ll let you right in.

Thank you.

Can I tag along?