100th post party

What is a 100th post party? I’ve seen tons of them but i never stopped by to join the fun. I figured since this is my 100th post it would be an appropriate time to ask.

I missed my 100th post

downs 4 doubles

I’m not too sure either. Congratulations, Cisco, and have a good one, anyway. (Don’t invite any white dogs and car dealers.)

It’s something that happens in MPSIMS. Here – I’ll show you…

Nuke has a Manhattan too

You people are so silly, with you circa 100 posts!

I feel like a 4th grader hanging around a bunch of 1st graders in order to feel really important with my 300+ posts.

D’ya want a party?

Then bring some circus peanuts, maybe some chips, and turtle food.
Maybe some turtles as well, but that’s only my suggestion.

Have any kind of party you want and if it sound superhip I will come back with little paper hats and cupcakes.

But it slipped by before I realised it.
Damn Great Debates threads…

Congrats Cisco. Only a few people replied to my 100th. If you’ll look at my stats, I’m older than anyone who has responded to this thread.

Hee hee, even YOU Manny.

Congratulations on your 100th, Cisco. looks around Where’s the hot tub and alcohol? :eek:

Congratulations, AETBOND. :smiley:

These are the only pure, just and true sites on the board.

Or maybe people are attracted to them just because they want someone to come to their party when the time comes. (I hope to see you eventually at mine)

So eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow it may be your turn to buy!

Right, then. As with every #post party I can crash, I volunteer my services as a bartender extraordinaire. What I lack in experience I more than make up in enthusiasm.

By the way, for what it’s worth, this is my 400th post. And to think I blew it here…I’m joking, of course. Long live everybody in earshot!