Who tried to do a 100th post party?

So, my fellow dopers who have had the


to reach several thousand posts…

and the fellow newbies/lurkers (due to a funny reason I seem to be both!) who have managed to go above 100 posts…

Did you guys try to have a 100th post party here on MPSIMS?

How was it?
Did it sink like a lump of lead like I am afraid mine would if I tried, or did you have a good time?

Please share your sweet memories here:) :slight_smile:

If they are not all that sweet…we’ll share them anyway just to fight our ignorance!!!

I feel proud to announce the addition of Sexywriter to my crush-list …Now it consists of Sue Duhnym, Amarinth, and her!!

Well, I dunno… I can’t count to 100.
Actually, I think you’re better off waiting until you have, say, 10,000. Same with me. Because by the time either of us gets to, say, 1,000, there will be like 500 posters with at least 5,000, so it won’t be as big of a deal.

Then again, I might speaking for myself only; you might be one of those 45-posts-a-day kinda posters.

Anyway! Most post parties below 1000 or so are generally ignored or are met with exceeding reluctance. :slight_smile:

There was a time, fairly recently, when MPSIMS was one big post party and very little actual MPSIMS.

Due to the constraints of the system and the bitching of many people (100 post parties are especially frowned upon), people seem to have moved away from post parties…which is a good thing.

I’m not saying that they don’t still happen, but they’re generally for 1000s and they’re always a good excuse for flirting and general debauchery. Myself, I avoid them, don’t even open the threads (I made an excuse for you).

That said, Happy (almost) 100!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I wont throw a post party - promise. What is the point if Sue won’t open it??
Thanks a lot for the exception though:) :slight_smile:

Or let me change it…I will throw a 5000th post party if I stay around long enough…
Or I will write a big post of congratulations on your 5000th post party, Dantheman - if you get there before me that is!!

I’m gonna make it a point never to publicly acknowledge my post count! If at all possible!

BTW, you should wander over to the People Pages, the URL of which escapes me at this moment.


Sue has her pic on there, and she’s a cutie! :smiley:


I know buddy, I saw her pic:)

And I am hoping that she and her husband will be taking part in a major historical event in summer 2002:

The first traditional Istanbul International Dopefest!!!