1000 posts

Does that mean I’ve arrived?

Or that I’m a little strange?

Or addicted?

or… or… :confused:


You joined one day before me and you have five times as many posts.
(And I was so bored in recent weeks)

At least #2 and #3. :wink:

Or maybe you’re not strange enough… :wink:

AHHH, now the real fun can begin.
Someone should be sending you your super duper doper pack in the mail any day now. Super powers will be taken away from those who don’t use them responsibily.

In my experience, reaching one thousand posts is kind off like turning 21. It turns out not to make any difference at all, but nobody ever tells you that before you get there.

Oh a post party! Haven’t seen one of these in a while! (Probably because they were banned :D) So is there any beer?