10,000 post party! Woo hoo!

As of the time I’m composing this message, this here, this what you’re reading right now – this is my ten thousandth post to the Straight Dope Message Board!

Woo hoo!

I’d like to thank all the little people out there I stepped on on my way up to the top, whose well-worn backsides have made this achievement possible. You know who you are. And if you don’t, pretent I’m looking at your backside right now. (Saaaaaay … !)
Oh, sure, reaching 10,000 posts isn’t the noble achievement it was a year ago. Back then, only handy had ever accomplished such a feat. Nowadays, of course, practically everybody who’s anybody has more posts than I do. 10,000 posts no longer merits the batting of an eye. But it still means something to me, so dog gone it, I’m gonna sing about it right here and now!

<cue orchestra>

She ain’t got no money
Her clothes are kinda funny
Her hair is kinda wild and free –
Oh, but love grows
Where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows
like me!

… Er, well, okay, maybe that’s not the most apropos song for the occasion, but it’s the first thing that sprang to mind.
(And to think I was this close to breaking the 10,000 post barrier 'way back at the end of 2001 … and then the SDMB crashed and several hundred of my posts were lost. :smack: )

Now then … who wants some of this party cake! It’s angel food with milk-chocolate frosting, my favorite.

Congratulations, that is a lot of posts.

  • Bubba.

I want some cake!

Oh yeah, congrats :wink:


Congrats! :cool:

The cake is great with my Seattle’s Best Post Alley coffee!

Mmmm cake…

/me looks for cake… finds none.

Congrats Tracer!

I guess that would make it coffee ca–

… Nah, too obvious. :wink:

BTW, I’ve never been to Seattle’s Best Post Alley. Is it that narrow alleyway between two great big Boeing buildings?

/me puts his copy of ABBA Gold onto the stereo and cranks up the volume.

You are the dancing queen,
Young and sweet,
Only seventeen!

(Seventeen what, precisely, I have no idea. Couldn’t be years, that’s for sure. But that’s beside the point. Come on, let’s dance! Woo!)

And fer cryin’ out loud, have some more of this cake! If you don’t eat it, I’ll have to, and then I’ll never make my goal of losing 20 pounds by this February 28th!

Holy mackerel that’s a lot of posts. What’s the largest post count that’s ever been celebrated with its own thread?

Congratulations. Geez…

Slacker. Congrats. :slight_smile:

And I was all excited when I hit a measily 1000.

Isn’t 10000 the point where they give you Cecils private e-mail address?

Friggin’ newbies… :wink: Congrats, Tracer!

Well not everyone will ever reach 10,000. That seems a long way to go for me. Congrats on your milestone. I’m worried about you. Have you seen sunlight lately? (Just kidding).

Since you registered in May 1999, you have 10000 posts, which is
7.49 posts per day - that’s more than me. Perhaps there should be a prize for 10000 posts. Are you listening, Moderators?

Congrats, tracer!

It may not be the big deal it used to be, since there’s at least five of you that currently share that distinction, but still, that’s a lotta posts. :slight_smile:

Gimme a year, and I’ll be there too. But by then, it’ll be a fairly well-populated club.

Oh, go ahead, rub it in! If it hadn’t been for the Great SDMB Server Crash of Dec-2001/Jan-2002, it would have been me who reached 10,000 posts first! Do you hear me? ME! Wah ha ha ha ha! I would have been God! Except for handy, maybe. And coldfire. But otherwise, God! Bow down before me, son of Jor-El! <raises arms menacingly like Count Dracula>

<glances around the room at the funny looks he’s getting>


I feel so insignificant now. Oh well, I can still lord my user id #36 over people’s heads.

Wow! That’s even lower than Sampo’s MSTie number of 48!

10K posts is plenty rare enough to celebrate as something or other.

Try this nice ballotin of Godivas, 'cause yur wurf it.