Post count parties.

Does any one really care how many posts you have made. Its substance not quantity people. Wow you hit the “SEND” button how many times? You are truely a better man than I.

I can think of no better thread than this to put my 5000th post in! Woohoo!!

Quit your bitching, man. Of course substance is more important than quantity. It’s just that people like to have a little fun at times, and for some, that means post count parties. They’re all in MPSIMS, and nobody is forcing you to read them.

Now, congratulate me and bow, dammit.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Coldfire!! Truly the master of fortuitous timing. Yay Coldfire!

Arrrg. That was funny.

the guy registered several days before me… and look at this… sheesh…


Damn Coldfire. I was gonna do that. Of course, I’d have to keep bumping this thread until I reached my 5000th post. :wink:

Congrats Coldfire. Now if you could put some quality behind that quantity we’d be laughing :wink:

So where’s the beer. We can throw the empties at WiredGuy.

yay! my 1162 post! Thanks guy!

Hee hee hee… Coldy, I think I wub you.

::makes an offering of Guinness to the Great One::

I have a post party every single fucking time I throw something down here.

It’s small. It’s private.

It’s in my head.

After the first 800 or so times, you do start to skimp on the decorations, though.

Great subject for a rant, Wired Guy, but you did it wrong.

First, some good things about post parties: I know we all make good friends on the board, and we wish we could party with them in real life, and post parties seem to fill that aching void in some of the more needy souls here.

Second, they are usually easily identified and avoided.

That said:

HEY, listen up you virtual-beer-drinking-oiled-naked-man massaging-weenies, I have a few suggestions for you:

Why don’t you get your ass out of your virtual lawn chairs (ie your uncomfortable computer chair) and go outside and sit on an actual lawn chair? Outside! In the sun!

Why don’t you crack open an actual fucking beer?

Like naked dancing people? Call a friend and go to a strip club! I will venture a guess that it will be way more titillating than oiling up your fellow Internet Geeks, and it saves you the difficulty of typing one-handed.

Maybe have an ACTUAL party at your ACTUAL house?

Instead of cyberhugs {{{{{{{shudder}}}}}}}, maybe hug an actual friend in your life who might be in need?

And listen, it’s ALL been done before! No matter whose party it is, it degenerates into the same pile of pukey flirting and inane tripe. I’ll venture that there is no variation on naked-fire dancers, hot tubs, cheerleading outfits, monkey butlers, and beverages that has not been suggested before. If anyone wants to challenge me on this assumption by posing new and wonderful post party activities, you are invited to fuck yourself twice (gently, GENTLY!) with the nearest chainsaw.
Finally, who cares about your post count? Is it some kind of metaphor for penis size that I’m not getting?

OK, done. Now get nekkid, bitch :smiley:

I’m feeling kinda ornery today, so I think I’ll respond to magdalene.

Well, lessee…I get home from work after it’s dark, so that’s out. I do go outside on weekends, although I’d prefer to NOT freeze my ass off, since it’s cold here in DC at the moment. Plus, being in the sun makes me PHYSICALLY SICK.

Been there, done that. Plenty. No fun when yer alone, really.

No thanks. Got better things to do with my time…besides, none of my friends here are into that. However, I do attend the occasional Dungeon Dance. Good enough?

Well, if I didn’t have a BITCH for a roommate, I would. Haven’t been allowed to have friends over for 2 FUCKING YEARS.

I do that PLENTY, hon. And believe me, sometimes cyberfriends are nicer, and more understanding, and more helpful, than real ones. Who the HELL are you to suggest that all of us here don’t help one another.

So has damn near every thread on this board. Yippee.

Well, since half the post parties are done by WOMEN, I think we can discount this one.

You said it yourself. You don’t like 'em? They’re CLEARLY marked. Don’t open the goddamn thread.

Oh, and Coldy? I think I love you. :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by Falcon *

Falcon, I live in fucking Chicago. And of course every word in my post was meant absolutely literally, and the whole point of my post was to pick on poor Falcon, who gets home after dark and gets physically sick in the sun. Yup, I’m an insensitive cunt for not taking your special situation into account when I posted my “making fun of post lame parties rant.” If anyone else works late and gets sick from the sun and lives in a cold climate, rest assured that I’m picking on you too. :rolleyes:

What the fuck is a Dungeon Dance? Seriously, I’m curious.

You weren’t “allowed” to have friends over? Funny, you don’t strike me as a person completely devoid of backbone. Anyway, you are moving, so no more excuses.

Oh, and just so everyone is clear, my ENTIRE original rant was designed to pick on Falcon, specifically, because I wanted to hear more about her life. :rolleyes:

Did I suggest that all of us here don’t help one another?

Well, what are you still doing here then? Oh, right, there is a small handful of male posters you haven’t managed to flirt with yet. Well, what are you waiting for? I’m sure someone somewhere is trading virtual backrubs RIGHT NOW and you are MISSING IT!!!

Why can’t it be about penis size for the guys and about something else for the woman? You have proved nothing! HaHA!.

I never open the ones that are clearly marked, but sometimes I am cruelly tricked - a poster I respect puts up a funny subject line and I click on it by accident, and the nausea begins.

Yeah, Coldfire, congratulations on your impressive penis, er, postcount.

Look, the OP has a point, and I agree with it.

Chicks Mud Wrestling!!! Coldfire, you throw the best parties!

Someone pass me a beer.

Now thats what I call hijacking a thread with style!

(Raises glass)…To Coldfire, congrats on 5g and many more to ya’.

Posted too soon, dammit -

Look the OP has a good point, and I happen to agree with it. If post count parties make y’all happy, then by all means, break out the virtual kegs of Guiness and the virtual massage oil and have to it. I’m not calling for an end to them. By all means, party on - the virutal jello shots are to my right and the Andean flute musicians I saw at the eL this morning will be playing El Condor Pasa nonstop for the duration of this thread. But excuse me if I take one second to mock them as the lame, uncreative, post-padding, board-cluttering entities that they are. I’m sure that the first post party, way back when, was novel and fun, but the magic has WORN OFF.

Buncha feebs.

Congratulations Magda! You just hit 750 posts!

Party party party!

ducks and runs

Cool. I usually have to go to MPSIMS to see a thread entitled, “Post Count Party”. This one just happens to be plural. :wink:

And how often does one get to use an appropriate smiley in the pit??? :cool: