Should I have a post count party?

OK, so my previous three didn’t turn out so well, but that was largely my fault: One of them was just silly, and the other two I had to leave halfway through for a few days. Then there’s the matter of clogging up the boards, and a recent sentiment that post count parties are useless. On the other hand, I’ve been threatened that if I don’t, that someone else will (names withheld to protect the guilty), and then too, a person’s got to have some excuse to throw a party now and again :D.

So, what’s the verdict, all?

Don’t do it man, it reeks of danger.

Why not?

Nooooooooooooo! It will just encourage the other buggers!

What post count are you celebrating pray tell?

Er… doesn’t starting a thread about post count parties have the same effect as a party itself where clogging the boards is concerned? :wink:

But I would say go ahead anyway.

See that, Chronos, you’re trapped by your own irony. Damn the torpedoes, then; full steam ahead.

Don’t do it man! You’ll never live it down.

Congratulations on your 3-kilopost benchmark. Here’s looking forward to the next 1000, and more Staff Reports on mind-twisting physics questions.

Well, Arnold, you’re fast approaching 5,000 and this is my 2,500th post.

Maybe we could just get a whole bunch of people together and have a joint post-count party. Heck, I’m closing in on 4000 as we speak.

i live out in 4 corners-
so if you do have this party, invite me- I won’t add much to the bandwidth, since my posts will be coming in to the servers from the same angle as yours. So, you’ll get one more to add to the idiocy, without

ahh hell, this didn’t turn out as funny as I thought it was going to be.



Good for you. :smiley:

Go ahead and treat yourself to a party Chronos. YOu can have one if you feel like it.

You know what they say “You can dance if you want to…”

Of COURSE you deserve a party, Chronos honey!

(Scotti drags her hot tub off the truck, sets it up and throws Chronos in. Gets in herself. Mentions vanilla scented massage oil.)

Okay, someone else will have to bring the food and drink!

And BTW, congrats!




They’re boring and self~aggrandising. Plus, [sub]unless you’re a mod, perhaps[/sub] they look to me like someone has no RL, is a social loser, and spends too much time in front of a monitor.

Well, you asked! IMHO. :smiley:

Well, jab1, iampunha, what say we set up our joint post count party just to spite Carina42?

Just kidding. Instead of a post count party, I suggest instead a learned discussion on something or other in Comments on Cecil’s Columns. What can I say, I like that forum.

Hehe. As I wrote this, I fully realised it’s Friday night, my SO is on call, my best girlfriend is moving tonight & won’t go see "Hannibal’ with me, my other friends are night-skiing, out of town, or too tired to go out.

So, here I sit in front of the monitor with no social life tonight.

Feh. :smiley: Go ahead with your post count party, Chronos.
I won’t be there though. I’ll be nekkid in my bathtub reading a silly novel and nesting amongst the bubbles. :smiley:

Get a life.

OK, I’m convinced! Post count may be a silly excuse for a party, but anything is a good excuse to end up in a hottub with a gorgeous babe! :D:):smiley:

Oh, and by the way, Arnold, you know that I won’t his 3 kiloposts for another 51 posts! Feel free to cooperate on the party, though.