happy birthday evil emma kate!

hard to believe our straight dope miracle girl is 5 today!!

5 years old!! has it really been that long since we chanted 1 pound??!!

i hope you are having a great birthday, emmy. may you have many happy and healthy years!!

I had the honor of meeting the young lady (and, oh yeah, her mother) last summer, and can testify that she’s a great kid.

Happy birthday!

Strange . . . I found myself wondering the other day how EvilEmma (and EvilMom) were doing. Glad to hear that the word is good.

(Oh, and another “happy birfday” to EE from this corner.)

She’s somewhat behind in the Evil department; otherwise, you would never know that she was born so very early.

lucky duck, twickster. how’d you get to meet the evil ones?

miss ginger, are you telling me evil emka is cute and (gasp) nice??!

That’s what they tell me. “They” being her momma, who we all know is a lying evil cowface. Or something. :wink:

Happened to be down in their neck of the woods last summer on a business trip – Ginger gave evil beth the heads up, and we went out to a nice Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Sorry, I’m a bit late for the birthday wishes.
I cannot believe time has gone this fast.

Happy Birthday Little Evil One!